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  • I agree with you, I think she probably doesn't want you to know. What it means is that she might be having a tough time falling asleep, yet she's not awake enough to want to be intimate with you. I'd leave it be. I hope you don't feel insulted! I am almost positive that is not her intention.
  • How should we know? Ask her.
  • it means she'd horny and wants to stroke herself and not bother with you right then. word to your mother.
  • I do it all the time and Its the reason slenderella said. I am horny but just to tired to actually have sex. I wouldnt worry about it, it probally has nothing to do with you.
  • sometimes we just need to be with "One's self".. when I do it it's nothing personal.. and perhaps she just didn't want to wake you up for any... being that she thought you were asleep.
  • I've done this before, and I do it for sleeping purposes. My partner, I don't think I have ever woke him up before during though. And then again, she might actually get somewhat of a thrill thinking that you're sleeping when you know she's doing it.

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