• i dont think its cool, it might make the other person feel out of place, too much touching and sweating and usually alchohol also, not a good mix.
  • If it is a friend whom your S/O likes and it's okey dokey with him, then it's okey dokey. Otherwise, dancing is something I always loved ....I always swore I'd marry someone who loved it as much as I do...I never did. You know what? Not dancing is no big deal..being with the one you love is the very big deal. He comes first! Dancing is like playing jacks or "go fish" like it but it is not important whether or not you ever do it again! :)
  • I never had any problems with my s/o dancing with others if I didn't like the particular music being played. Not dancing has always been a choice I would have made for myself, not the both of us. Something like grinding would be unacceptable though.
  • Well, I don't dance and my s/o loves to. If I was at a party with him, I think I would be very hurt if he went off and danced with someone else right in front of my face just because I don't.
  • well I did a little dance whilst he was watching from his seat :P
  • have him chose someone for you to dance with, that way he is a part of it and you arent doing anything that can be misconstrued as inappropriate
  • I wouldn't.
  • In my mind it would be okay to dance w/someone else. But in reality, that wouldn't be cool, I wouldn't want her dancing with some other guy.
  • oh yes it is ok...are you kidding me!!!!!! no its not ok!! dont do that +4
  • Yes, this has been sociably acceptable for over 50 years. Now, if you think that your S/O might appreciate the consideration, then maybe a glance looking for approval might be in order. But, if your S/O loves you and trust that you are not going to start doing somethin inappropriate on the dance floor, there is nothing wrong with dancing with someone else.
  • I think it is fine to dance with someone else. If your S/O doesnt like it you can always done what I have dont in the past. I dance all sexy over my S/O, atleast at the end of the night he is danceing, even if it wasnt at the party : )
  • I think it would be nice to ask the person that you came with if they would mind.
  • ask your s/o if he minds, say that since he won't dance, and you want to. the person you dance with shouldn't just be to spite your s/o, so don't be too suggestive in dancing. better if they're a mutual friend. even better if you dance with your girlfriends or in a group.
  • work it out. if you need to dance and s/o always denies you, you need to figure something out! tell your s/o omg i gotta dance, dance with me! give them a chance to dance with you. if they resist ask if they mind you going to dance with your friends? realize if you choose to dance close with a member of the opposite sex it may just intimidate your s/o more from dancing again with you in the future... so use your best judgement ; )
  • IF the S/O does not mind you dancing with others; then it is Ok .... If not ; then stand there like a wall flower ...
  • I wouldn't want my boyfriend dancing with another woman, so I won't dance with another man. I do dance with my girlfriends though if my boyfriend doesn't want to dance or if he is not with me.

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