• You poor girl, I am so very sorry to hear that. Yes it is very normal that you would want to talk to your boyfriend. Your in a very hormonal place at the moment and probably in a state of shock. It will take you a few months for your hormones to calm down. Your boyfriend (ex) sounds very immature. He is not the right person to have around you. Don't feel low because he hung up the phone on you, if he was a decent person he would be there for you. That is a double heartbreak you are going through. You must be very sad to have lost your baby but life will be hell if you stay with this guy. Your human, you need help, go to your closest and let them know what your going through, go to councilling asap. take care, (that ex of yours should be the least of your worries.
  • I am so sorry you had to find out all this at one time. How mean that he just hung up on you! It just shows you what a real jerk he is! WHY would you ever call him again?
  • we had this conversation the other night, please forget him and think about yourself. you even agreed with me that night.
  • use some self control and have more self respect...
  • I think you are not getting the hint, he's not interested. Anyway, he seems like a real assface is he is ignoring the fact he got you pregnant and you miscarried because he "needs a break." Break = BREAKUP It's the same thing with different names. Move on.
  • cause he's a scum bag who's grateful that you didn't end up having his child, and now doesn't want another "scare" like that and is avoiding you. Have some pride, and leave him alone. He's a dick.
  • Please remember how abusive he was to you. Remember, he has set you free.. use this time to find someone who won't hurt you.
  • Ask yourself just how much you enjoy this pain you inflict on yourself. Every time you call him you give yourself a little more pain. Your pain will NOT bring him back. You own your pain so take responsibility for it and stop trying to give it to someone else when you know it's YOUR pain and nobody elses. Enjoy your pain. It becomes much less painful that way and be selfish with it. it's yours and yours alone.
  • He's a really heartless man. His gf lost the baby and he treats u this way. U don't deserve this. It's a very good reason why u call him ur ex. Leave him alone stop calling him. Ur wasting ur feelings on someone not worth giving to.
  • forget him he's just an ass!!!
  • Time to move on and find someone who loves you.
  • Do not call him again and work on the things ,which you have in your present life ,as you are calling him now and then ,but i will say love is two ways traffic,you can not keep loving a person who does not have the emotional feelings ,and it is not that easy as i have said but time will heal everything.lastly talk to your best friends to whom you can trust.

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