• you shud definitly see your doctor or sum 1 smart in that department
  • Gatorade has electrolytes or sugar and water and salt all combined therefore salts give your body back what it loses from intense exercize or being sick with cold symptoms. Just water alone runs through you quicker not giving back (replenishing) what you lose even from just 1 minute or running and its lower in sugar than juice which is not as salted, the best natural way to make homemade gatorade is to put 8 oz. of water, 8 oz. of 100% orange juice and 1 half or 1 full teaspoon of salt, it might help keep your throat moistened for longer, maybe wear a backpack with the water hose that mountain bikers use and taking very little sips or cleaning throat without swallowing while you run, or see a doctor, but be careful a doctor might just try to sell you a "NEW" medicine or something. ask lots of questions.

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