• Chew gum. Take up knitting or crocheting or something to keep your hands busy. When you're craving a cigarette really bad, either excerise or walk; that helps too. Repeat to yourself over and over in your head that you're a non-smoker; LOL. I know that sounds funny but I did it and I think it was part of what finally helped me to quit. I also told everyone I knew that I had quit smoking so it would embarrass the crap out of me if I dared pick one up again. I know this was more info, but I hope it will help. Good luck.
  • In rehab as a recovering alcoholic they taught me to not think that I didn't "quit drinking" but that just have one later, just not -right now- Allow yourself to not think of yourself as having quit smoking, which is a daunting task, but just that you're not smoking -right now- You can allow yourself to think, "well, I'll just have one later"- but then "later" never arrives because it is always now! That's basically from what the phrase "one day at a time" originates in AA That, and then clean something. Scour the bathtub. Reorganize the kitchen cabinets. Organize the sock drawer. Something like that. It will make you use parts of the brain other than the "need cigarette" part. And be wary of using quit-smoking drugs. One was just in the news for being found extremely unsafe.
  • Alot of people that I know participate in sports requiring alot of cardio. Not only are they distracted from smoking while they play the sports, smoking hinders their performance so it helps motivate them to stop smoking.
  • Read an article on how Cuban cigars are made.
  • look into electronic cigarrets, thats whats saved me and my gf(i was heavy smoker for 12years and went through patches and gums with no success). Not sure if can post links to other forums here but if you google "electronic cigarette forum" the very 1st link is the best place to get all the info about them. I am using DSE900 and my GF using M-class e-ciggs. My nick is the same there as it is here - if you need additional help. Here is how it works short version: Your e-cig is actually a vaporiser so instead of smoke you inhaling harmless steam(imagine tea cattle). You can still adjust the amount of nicotine in the liquid(called nicotine liquid) yourself(nicotine is the stuff that makes you addicted to ciggs but suprisingly not what kills you) so your system is getting what it really needs out of regular cigs - nicotine(same as patch/gum does), but you avoid carbon monoxide and over 100 other chemicals that are the real killers(including formaldehyde - the stuff they pump into corpses to make them look livelier(think about that next time you light up)). The vapor looks exactly like smoke and its the same exact action - puff-inhale-blow out smoke:). Besides beign able to adjust amount of nicotine ,you can also add different flavors to it(i prefer marlboro cofee, my gf is more of the cheesecake-bublegum). I was the heavy smoker for over 12 years - and dissmised all that tried to get me to quit. Then started noticing small changes that did not like at all and got me pretty scared. Nicotine pathes/gums/therapy even hypnosis didnt do a thing for me, then i found e-ciggs. Sure it takes a bit of adjusting but i've been smoke free for over 4 month now and notice more energy, no more black coughs in the morning and even my attitude seem to have gone from super grouchy to still grouchy but at least you'l live after looking at me funny. try it - i am not selling them and make no money from this - just my own experience
  • Try some self control!
  • You will never quit asking a question you have. People use all kinds of crutches to quit smoking. Nothing will work until you make up your mind to never smoke another cigarette. I know because back in 1958 I decided I would never smoke another cigarette or use tobacco in any form. That was 60 years ago and I have never used tobacco again. I set them aside and said, "That is it. No more." I determined in my mind to quit and did. I never had withdrawal problems I just did it. You can as well once you decide in your mind, never again.
  • Play games,chat,talk
  • It's nothing new but I used to suck breath mints or something similar. It seems to help satisfy the oral stimulus and temporarily eliminate the need to light up.
  • just think about something else

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