• Not necessarily "smarter," but perhaps "better educated." +5
  • Not necessarily - depends what they took their degree in. After all, there are courses in Golf Course Management these days! *L*
  • Hell no. I'm serious.
  • Absolutely not. That's like saying that most illegal Mexicans are dumb because they have poor educations. That would be an insane assumption. In fact, many of them are smarter than average because that's very helpful when you go to another country to work. What an education gives you is the training to put your smarts to use more effectively.
  • I would have to disagree with that. I would have to say that they have more eduation but a person who does not have college education could be a lot smarter in many different ways, street smart and just having common sense due to things a person has been through.
  • Nope. Some of the dumbest asses I've met in my life had college degrees and some of the smartest didn't. All a college degree means is perseverance (and money) to have the ability to see a project from beginning to end
  • No. College doesn't make you smarter. It gives you more material to help you get somewhere but thats about it. If you weren't required in most feilds to have a college education I'd say it is a waste of time. I'd rather go to a trade school, people who get hands on experience are better at what they do anyways. My opinion: Pay more to go to a trade school if you have too.
  • I agree with Mensan, they are more educated or informed on certain issues, but You can't get common sense from a university
  • An educated idiot is still an idiot
  • In General; No. College is an excellent place for a smart person to be able to apply thier intelligence to aquire knowledge they will use in thier chosen profession. However, many graduates mistakenly think once they have a degree they are an expert in thier chosen major. Not true. Coleges have turned out thousands of idiots with a piece of paper stating they graduated, but neglect to mention if they were marginally passed. Education is just one of the important pieces of being an expert in your field. You need Education, experience, and natural talent (Some people call this common sense.) to be a true expert.
  • Depends. Is this college in the US?
  • Definitely means no. More educated but not always smarter. I've known some very wise people that never went to college and I've known some very dumb people that did. I didn't realize I answered it LOL, sorry, LOL
  • Some are, some aren't. Overall, I wouldn't say a college education itself means intelligence.
  • I think they are better educated for the most part. It has nothing to do with how smart you are. All things being equal,if you are smart chances are you will go to college.
  • I dun gradiated! - But seriously, when considered, it becomes apparent that there are sooo many ways/methods/capacities to be "smart". It's quite a nebulous concept. - In college one is at a critical developmental age of life in our society, and it's not just learning scientific method and/or logical syllogism and/or when "e" goes before "i", etc., etc., but learning the sophisticated subtle nuances of interpersonal communication/interaction, discovering one's intellectual abilities (and importantly, the *limits* of one's intelligence!) and personal predilections, and developing any natural innate talents. - No doubt that this occurs anyway with or without advanced education, but those 'tender years' spent away from your parent's nest for the 1st time among folks who are truly 'peers' just makes it 'easier'(?) to 'define' yourself and who you'll become. Dig? - ;-)
  • maybe academically but people can be smarter in other ways
  • Generally yes, but not necessarily. Smarter is comparative and there are many kinds of intelligences.
  • No. I've even sacked people with university educations. Education does not equate to intelligence and hard work being as standard. Work ethic is something different altogether and not something learned.
  • OH HELL NO....some of the brightest people dropped out of college and went on to be big names in their fields....I LOVE those lists of famous folk who never even finished high school too!!!!!.......bless'em!!!!!
  • Doesn't matter. A and B students will usually be working for C students.

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