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  • Ya kinda. I think its there own fault. And dying is never supposed to be an option. I dnt think so at least. But its still sucky that they would come down to that. Hm...
  • Yeah. Especially since I think my religion says they go to Hell. =/ Bummer. +++
  • No. I don't think that sympathy is what they wanted. I think what they really wanted was to be UNDERSTOOD. Why do I say this? Well, when I've felt at my lowest to the point that I wanted to end my life, that is what I wanted most of all. No sympathy. Therefore, I will treat them as I wanted to be treated. I've never had to go that far (thankfully), but I'm just saying.
  • Whenever someone commits a suicide, or a homocide; they are not thinking clearly. Afterall, if one is thinking clearly then they would not commit such acts. So, in that sense, I would feel sorry for them (to varying degrees) because they are not consciously aware of their decisions. In normal situations, people should not hate themselves so much as to destroy themselves or others.
  • I feel bad for their loved ones, they are the one's who have to bear the grief and possibly guilt of wondering if they could have stopped them. I also don't agree with the mind set that suicide is a selfish act. That person is not thinking about selfishness, he/she only wants their pain to stop, and they see it as the only way to do so.
  • Yes, to do that they would of had to have a pretty crappy life.
  • No, I have no respect or sympathy for anyone who even thinks of suicide as an option. Suicide, is selfish and cowardly. People get butt hurt because thtey cant deal with life so they just end it? Not thinking of the mess you leave, friends, debt. Were left to pick up the pieces. I think suicide is a joke and people should learn to deal with life like a normal human being.
  • No I don't. I think it is the easy way out... and selfish on top of that. People that do that don't think about anything but ending their pain. They don't think about all the people they will hurt in the process. If you can't deal with the situations in your life... find help... get them fixed. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
  • Yea I do and think the pain must have been so unbearable for them to do it.
  • I will kill that person thousand times because he didn't come for that horrible death!
  • its too late to feel bad for them. i feel bad for their family. for the person who found the victim. for the family he or she left behind. death is an automatic...whatever happens, happens instantly. personally I think we shape our heaven here on earth. what we think heaven is like is what we get.
  • I do feel sorry for some. For instance, I heard of a student her lit herself on fire. She chose a painful way to kill herself to send a final message of how much mental anguish she was repressing. Some people are born with illness that make it hard for them to cope. Some are born into horrible lives, and their pain isn't their choice, but the result of mistakes of others.
  • Well, ain't that basic human decency? ;-)
  • for all you sensitive yuppies who got all butt hurt because no one has any sympathy for the weak minded who cant deal with life...grow a pair...
  • No, I feel bad for their families.
  • No. I feel happy for them, because their suffering has stopped, and they dont have to put up with the bullshit that is life.
  • my best friend has his son do this............i feel bad for his know his son killed himself.....hurts me to think of his pain.
  • suicide is serious. i feel bad for the people they have hurt without knowing it. i feel bad for the suicidal too, just because i know how it feels to be that low. when you really feel like you have nobody because of how this society treats different individuals. no one should ever have to feel like dying. especially if that is the result of another's hurtful remarks or actions.
  • Of course, and for their family also.
  • I feel the same for them as anyone else who has left this earth. Saddness contempt at all. I never judge them b/c I don't know what happened right before their death. They could of had time to ask for forgivness for all I know. So I only feel bad for myself and the family who will miss them.
  • EXACTLY! You just proved my point. People AREN'T thinking about being selfish, because they are only thinking of themselves. Its pretty obvious. Crappy lives? There are people that grow up being sexually abused, physically abused and many other unthinkable lifestyles that they did not chose, but you don't kill yourself over it. Okay, your what? Your pain is gone but what about the family and friends that are left behind to pick up the pieces? You don't think about those things. I don't mean to be insensitive or rude in any way. But try and looking at it from a bigger perspective.
  • no, they obviously didnt wanna be here. I know its sad and all but sure, they will be in a happier place now. My neighbour commited suicide and he went all weird before he did it, like reading the Bible and going to the Chapel and all and obviously he just couldnt live with himself so Im happy for him to be put out of his misery. I would rather be dying in physical pain than to have to suffer depression like that.
  • I think in all suicides people who did it were depressed. People often think that teenagers who commit suicide are just weak and could not handle things or were just being egocentric. It takes a lot to take your own life. However I do not feel bad for them. I mean the person is dead, that is what they wanted. Why would I go and feel sorry for them? Life is hard enough already without lingering on the dead.
  • Depends on why they committed suicide.
  • Honestly, my first emotion is anger and disgust - and a desire to kick the shit out of them. It's all the people they hurt by their selfishness that I grieve for.
  • I knew one person that committed suicide. I think that he was covering up his distress over his daughter committing suicide 3 or 4 years earlier. He did it the same way she did. He was a real nice guy, I could always talk with him and he always seemed to have a good sense of humor about things. He retired about 2 years before ending it. BTW, I do not consider assisted suicide for terminally ill people the same thing.
  • There is no sense in feeling bad. Not going to help me or them. They are at peace in death where they may have not had any solace in life. I know of a few people that killed themselves and it was their choice to make.
  • Yes. I tried to commit suicide several times in the past 10 yrs or so. I was only thinking of myself cause I believed that no one wanted me to be alive. I lost the love of 2 of my 3 daughters, I mean they don't even acknowledge me. I also lost my immediate family for 4 yrs. I even believed that my bf at the time didn't want me around. In the end I was all wrong, except for my 2 daughters. My bf and my family did want me around. So I am glad that I did not commit suicide and now my life is going great.
  • I feel bad for them from a religious point of view. But if I was not religious I would say that they are no longer in pain and that is what they wanted, so, good for them.
  • No, they did what was right for them.
  • I feel bad for who all is left behind that they did not consider. I know that life was and is as hard as it can be sometimes and that suicide is often the desperation that we feel. +4
  • I feel very bad for those that they leave behind. Especially the parents, sisters and brothers. They often feel like a piece of their life has been ripped right out of their soul and they are always left with questions about how they might have prevented such an event, if only..............
  • 99% of the time i do not. I think suicide is only good in very severe situations. I feel they are weak.
  • One of my best friends killed himself. He had a brain operation for a huge tumor that was giving him severe headaches that were unbearable and they told him that it would come back. He had five people in his family die from it including his father. I felt really bad, because this guy was someone who was very upbeat and wanted to live so if he killed himself he had a reason.
  • i wouldnt feel bad if they were bipolar but if they thought they were no good then no even if they were told they are needed becuase you know that someone would care more then others.
  • Usually. I don't care to judge whether or not it depends on the reason why, what the circumstances were and whatever. That this is the only solution they found to fix whatever ailed them is more than sad enough.

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