• Miracle on Ice... when the 1980 US Olympic Hockey team beat the greatest hockey team in the world, the Russians, for thhe gold medal. It would be like a college football team beating a professionsonal football team.
  • I'll never forget the day this happened!
  • I was sitting in the bleachers in high school with my girlfriends (the original mean girls, now that I recall) and my girlfriends brother was involved in gymnastics so we went to the meet. One poor guy was up on the rings and blew the loudest fart that echoed all through the gym. My girlfriends and I were loudly laughing. I would never do that today, but we were only 15. That poor boy.
  • the Loma Pieta earthquake during the opening of the World Series, October 1989.
  • New York Giants victory in the super bowl over the Pats
  • I would say World Cup Soccer(1997) when France beat the unbeatable team from Brazil.It was the biggest upset in soccer history.
  • When Dale Earnhardt Sr. died. My husband sunk in his chair and just starred at the television for a few moments.
  • Ireland winning the grand slam in the 6 nations. And then later that night Dunne won the WBA ordinary Super Bantamweight World title. An amazing day!
  • VINKO BOGATAJ's wipe-out !!! The infamous Agony of defeat dude!!
  • When the Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl in 1985. There were so many great games, but my favorite was when William Perry (the "Refrigerator") won the game in the final seconds. We were on the 1 yard line. There was no throwing no running no passing - they just handed the ball to the fridge and he laid down right on top of everyone with his huge self and reached the ball across the goal line. Just amazing!! An all star team at that time -"Sweetness," (Walter Payton) Mike Singletary, Richard Dent, Kevin Butler, Keith Van Horne, Jim McMahon, Leslie Frazier, Gary Fencik and others. The tickertape parade downtown in the Loop was incredible! And then there is this: And of course, this - who could forget the Super Bowl Shuffle! :-)

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