• People are in awe of trained killers. Under normal circumstances their actions would land them in jail as murderers but when the government sanctions the killing it is all heroic and stuff. One of life's great mysteries.
  • It became necessary for such idolatry, when the President was garnering support for his unnecessary war in Iraq.
  • They keep us free that is why they are looked on so highly.
  • We tend to rally forth during times of war because it's like a lottery - they hoped they won't get sent there, they drew the short stick, and now they are facing death. That could have been you or your son or daughter. We worship them because they are a proxy for us as in "there but for the grace of god, go I (or my son or daughter)." Once a war is over, soldier worship recedes.
  • Neither their worshipers nor their critics have the testicular fortitude to live the life they live.
  • I agree. This has become a trend since 9/11. I respect the military greatly. My grandfather was a career Lt. Colonel in the Air Force. I've known soldiers. Some are upstanding men of character who believe in doing a dangerous job in order to protect others. Some are undereducated cowboys who can't wait to go kill something. Soldiers, like all other people, come from all walks of life and are all different and individual. They should be respected but not worshipped. Worship is how we ended up with waterboarding and Abu Ghraib.
  • From your question, its easy to determine that you were never in the military. Until you have served your country and fought the enemy for freedom for your family and yourself, you could not possibly understand your own question.
  • Americans are really big on nationalism, and so they are also very big on soldier worship. They kill for our freedoms...well, we say "they *die* for our freedoms," or maybe they just "bleed." Americans are always the victims of hardship.

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