• I seriously doubt that will happen because I for one will never go back to that state of mind. So right there you have lost you total number count.
  • Everyone on this Earth already HAS been an atheist, at least in infancy. "Conversion" in the case of atheism is a misnomer; it is more like a "de-programming"
  • That would make life so boring if we all believed the same. And just think, we wouldn't have the atheists and theists trying to prove the unprovable here on AB.
  • I'd love it. Rationality has never steered us wrong, and religion has been an enormous blockade to reason for centuries. We could concentrate on actual problems and look for actual solutions instead of trying to tirelessly justify religion's place in society. Of the negative consequences, the heaps of cash going to churches and preachers would go elsewhere. (Sorry, to multimillionaires like Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyers, et al) Also, less hatred would abound globally with no ancient texts to justify medieval norms in the present day. (I never cared for the abolition of slavery or the coexistence of people I disagreed with anyways.) Gosh darn it!
  • There might be people who would drift away from religion but there will never be people who stop believing in god. There are too many people in the world, with their mind and heart wide open, to stop believing in god.
  • Nothing would really change, as far as economics, politics, etc. You would not see televangelism on TV, but, you would still have countries fighting each other, tribes within countries still at each other's throats, starvation in many parts of the world, natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamies, tornadoes, hurricanes. Mutated enfluenza viruses would still abound. Many more might be having rampant sex, but, so what? They are already. Religion is not the cause of any of these perrenial plagues. They are with us always. We are all human and we are sick puppies. At least religion keeps reminding us of this fact. Without it, we would just take it for granted. "Oh, what a dull and mobley morning!..Oh, what a dull, mobley day! I got a boring feeling...everything's going to be the"
  • We'd all have more time to deal with reality.
  • My DR troll paid me a visit, I see. Hiya Cowboy!
  • You don't convert to atheism. It's not another religion. You simply stop believing in supernatural beings (OK, technically just the ones known as gods). And if that happened? Well, it could mean an end to many of the worlds' armed conflicts and a new dawn of rational thought and problem resolution. But I doubt it. Most people would still be dumb - they just wouldn't have divine justification for it. +5
  • We could recycle all the paper from discarded bibles and all other religious books and publications etc. and save millions of trees from being cut down.
  • We'd invent new reasons to kill each other.
  • oh moon-very bitter truth .6
  • Not sure it would make a lot of difference. There are lots of other causes: politics, temperance drives, eco-activism, etc, etc. All can get pretty 'religious' without even the slightest mention of a deity.
  • Then someone would invent religion to be 'different'.
  • With no religious beliefs to fight over, soldiers would eventually put away their weapons and return home to their families. Peace would break out everywhere.
  • We would then have one less roadblock to peace and greater knowledge.
  • There would be a lot less standing in the way of the scientific method and ataraxia becoming the predominant mindsets instead of apologism and devotion. Regardless, if everyone were to somehow convert to one mindset about anything, no matte what it is, it would clean a lot of bad blood.
  • this wont change the world we are living in. religion is not the enemy of mankind but we are enemies of each other. people use religion just to make excuse. truth is people forgot the teachings of all religions. they just made excuses.
  • Major sh*tstorm. There are some people that should have religion in their lives to keep their morals in check. Religion is generally a good thing to help remind us to become a better person and to treat others as they want to be treated. However, it's when certain individuals that use religion to manipulate others, or use for their own selfish goals, or not practice what they preach that can turn people away from religion.
  • Much of how the world is run now on secular and atheist terms. No major prime minister, president, government, company nor legislative shouts about religion from the roof tops. The Church overall has less influence than it used to. The wars abroad have virtually nothing to do with faith in God. This demonstrates to me that it is hatred, lack of love, power, money, influence, ownership and control plus the ability to be able to garner all the weapons that are needed, with our taxes, that drives ills, killing, war, not atheism, secularism, nor religion. If the rulers really wanted peace, they would use all our taxes and their minds to garner peace.
  • There would be less hate and practically no war.
  • One less thing to argue about
  • No, everyone wont cause I surely wont!
  • Oh, great. The world would become a combination of North Korea, Red China, and the Soviet Union.
  • We would become as ants, black against red, and devise ways to kill each other with no remorse. Extinction would be self imposed, not an outside source.
  • whew no more wars people lets party!!!
  • It would be a better world. One less thing to worry about.

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