• It's fine not to like him. That is your choice or opinion or whatever. People are just being ignorant or a bit touchy at the moment.
  • Political Correctness, perhaps? I liked him, but I'm going to defend your right to not like him, scrappy.
  • Probably the same reason that those that like him get nasty comments when you ask a civil question about him. It works both ways.
  • Some people may have liked him very much and so DRate anyone in the spirit of fanhood. One thing is sure that anyone shouldn't directly say that he hated anyone. This annoys many people!
  • Some people can not tolerate the opinion of other people. They should all be kilt off at sunrise. Then life would be more tolerable for all of us.
  • It is the same with any other question on the site. It is suppose to be an "open book" site and say what you feel but if you don't answer as others would like you to then DR it! No biggy though cause you know what? DRing DOES NOT take a single point from you! It only moves your answer closer to the bottom of the answers! So I turn off the ratings and I haven't looked at them in months. It is sad he died, I'll admit. I don't like death in any way shape or form. I just wasn't a huge fan that is all. RIP Michael Jackson! +5
  • People taking celebrities WAY too seriously.
  • I know what you mean. I posed a similar question. Apparently, it's ok to not like just can't mention it right now. Dying seems to be a magical censor.
  • Being downrated is an essential part of Answerbag lol. Even the nicest people on here are downrated. We all just have to realize that there is opposition everywhere. Just keep on walking past it though. It's just points, I would probably be a higher level if I was a nice little pansie lol, but I like to express my opinion and that's all I care about. Just make your voice heard young rebel ^^b
  • it's okay not to like a particular person, but i have no time for hate-speak or sickening jokes.....
  • because humans love their hero worship, and it doesn't matter what they do or how big of a monster they are, ppl are blinded by their pre concieved notions of them Hitler was a monster, but still has his fans
  • Plain answer: people are stupid.
  • Because many times here on AB some ppl will downrate if you don't agree with them when it is concerning something or someone contraversial. It is alright not to like someone. I guess some on here feel some things on here towards MJ have been disrespectful since he has died, therefore they DR.
  • Because people can be ignorant at times, like DR is going to make someone cry or something. Some people take it way to far and say how much they hate the pop star and how dumb or what ever he is. But if you wanna make a hate speech, please, keep your damn comments to your self. At least do that for the people who actually loved and cared for him. Its ok to say u didnt like him, but please, all the hate speech isn't necessary.
  • Well let me put it this way - there are many people I don't like, but if I heard they died I wouldn't go out of my way to inform everyone that I didn't like that person. Since MJ died there's lots of questions popping up simply to tell the world that that individual didn't like MJ.
  • Don't worry, those who comment on liking him, or thinking he was influential get downrated too.
  • Of course it's alright to have not liked him. To speak in cruel and unfounded terms about a human being who has just lost their life is NOT okay. The people who are posing these anti-MJ questions are more often than not using the words "pedophile" or "child molester". You can't bemoan the fact that people aren't respecting your opinion when you're being disrespectful yourself. It doesn't work that way.
  • same happens when you say you do not like god! I am sorry you got downrated - want a hug?
  • when you go around telling people that you didn't like MJ, people who are die hard fan, you out numbered and bound get kicked.
  • I have a hard time believing that the reactions are either DRing or a nasty comment.
  • Maybe the down raters are taking it a bit too personally, or they might feel it's disrespectful to say something like that about someone who has died. Even if that's the case, I wouldn't be surprised if they speak badly about Hitler.
  • I always think of a comment I heard on "Little House On The Praire", "Deep down all people are good, but not all people live good lives."
  • Perhaps it is not the right time to be expressing negative opinions. For one reason or another many people seem to be really upset / unhappy about his demise, so it is a mite insensitive to bad mouth him at this time.
  • The only ones I have seen downrated are those who rejoice in his death and/or call him a child molestor. In this case I think the downrating is justified.
  • Ive got mixed reactions some questions asked for jokes about him and i made a few and have been DR'ed as well as gotten points i would only DR someone if they made it real dirty or real sick jokes .
  • I don't think the problem is with people who simply didn't like Michael Jackson. The main problem is that there are many people who are cheering his death or who go out of their way to call him a pedophile or child molester when it was never proven that he was either of those things. Most are not stating this as their opinion but acting as though it is fact. This is causing those who were fans or believed he was innocent to have a knee-jerk reaction to anyone who says they didn't like him. You can only see, "I didn't like him he because he was a pedophile", "I don't care that he's dead because he was a child molester", or "I'm glad he's dead because now little boys are safer" so many times before you begin to get the feeling that anyone who says they didn't like him does so because they believed he was guilty of a crime that he was acquitted of, he was weird, and they are glad he's dead.
  • Old superstitions stick. It's bad karma to speak ill of the dead. People really do still believe that.

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