• I'm not sure if I've made mine yet... I'd have to look back when I am retired and then I'll be able to tell you.
  • My last life changing decision was to take the risk of falling in love with someone who was half a world away, with next to no chance of ever being united. I'm glad I did it. Who knows where I'd be without her, probably dead by now, or at least a hopeless drug addict.
  • I left my husband a month ago. It was a bad situation in general. If I hadn't left, he could have spiraled down into the depths of alcoholism again and repeated an abusive cycle we tried so hard to escape. He is drinking now, and I am relieved that I'm not around to witness it.
  • Three years ago I was pregnat with my twins my husband and I had split up and I was bearly making it with the two kids I had already. After I had the twins they had to stay in SLC for a week by themselves I almost put them up for adoption not know how Iwas going to make it with two more kids. I thought long and hard that whole week talked to my grandma and she told me it was up to me but that if I choose to keep them she would help me all she could.I decided to keep them and three years later I would not of had it any other way my grandma has been great and I don't know what I would do without her. I got back together with my husband and I think I made the right choose. If I would have made the other decision I'm sure my life would be easier raising twins is ruff and I would have lots more money without two more kids but it does not matter.
  • walking outon my dad. where would i be now? abuses live in a shitty environment and have a jackass boy frind 3+ kids not by choise and hate my life i got out and my life is now great im glade i got out. (computer wont let me comment)
  • I havent had mine yet eather but I have had some tough ones and I chose wrong...
  • Quitting drinking and drugs was a major one. And I don't want to even think WHERE I would be if I didn't.
  • I'd be partying every night, or possibly dead of an over dose, but the better question would be where would my kids be if I didn't decide to accept responsibility for them, either still with their mom who can't care for them, or in the system. We kinda saved eachother.
  • To help and advocate for my disabled son as much as possible, with the school and the community.

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