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  • I used to not trim or shave my pussy hair and had a real bush: about 2 inches long's worth. But now that I trim and shave it, my pussy is much more sensitive!!
  • The length to which any body hair can grow is determined by the duration of the growing phase of the hair (anagen). Hairs cycle through periods of growth (anagen), and rest (catagen), and then they enter a phase called telogen, when the resting hair comes out and a new hair grows-in. The duration of anagen for scalp hairs is measured in years, which explains why scalp hairs can grow so long. The length of anagen for pubic hairs is measured in weeks, so it cannot grow very long in most cases.
  • Yes, I have let my bush grow very long, but now a days I usually trim it once a week to a very short length...tried shaving but that made things down there very sensitive and irritating .

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