• i think it softens into disapproval as we get older and wiser
  • no hating a group of people is an act of ignorance hating a person is an act of impatience. once you take the time to truly understand someone- what makes them tick, what they want out of life, you can not hate them
  • No, hate cannot ever be justified if we live by God's principles because we are required to forgive those who have sinned against us.
  • is an emotional response that entangles and engulfs you into the inability to progress forward in life. Hate cripples you. People need to let more things go and not to allow drama to infiltrate thier lives. Life is made for living, laughing, and lest we forget...making love....awwwwwww yeahhhhhhhhh!!!!
  • Complicated Chief. Speaking for myself I don't tolerate the ignorance of people who hate groups of people or hate in general terms and promote it. I do hate and get enraged when I see the abuse of children, the disabled and the helpless or less strong around the world. there is no excuse for that in my mind.
  • Yes, molest a child, and you will wish that was all I did, was hate you.
  • Yes, it is. Someone rapes, murders, and beheads your child, I would say not only is hate justified, anything short of hate, is UN-justifiable.
  • Yes it is
  • People talk of ignorace. Well if yo look up the word it is not that same as hatred. Hitler hated and he wasn't ignorant. He was well read and knew he was doing bad things. Why else justify murder with subhuman arguments? You know about that and even things tht happened then. You is not ignorant then either. People know this yet they still do it. One person was asking who was happy that Jackson was dead. If you refer to peoples, then hatred is justified ony if you agree with people like Hitler. Hate led him to do what he did. You see the question is not so without meanings. The implication is that if you say its fine to hate under a certain circumstance, then you wil sooner or later think no differnet than people like Hitler and be capable of doing bad things like he did. If you realise what it is, you will see it for what it is. It is bad. It is the justifiation to hurt, torture, rape, imprison, & kill. Why we hate each other is a much better question.
  • Apparently, every human emotion once justified.
  • I think if we have the capacity to experience it, then it must have some justification to exist at all. It's part of our design. All emotions have rational purposes and irrational extremes. Hate is a great motivator for avoidance. It is entirely logical for you to hate dangerous situations and doing so actually enhances your ability to survive.
  • I believe when people are willing to give compassion and good wisdom a chance there will be no room for hate and fear.
  • I will be interested in yor answers here Chief as this has long bothered me, I have seen what this emotion is capable of doing and how it eats away at the core, I have never been able to feel hate for anyone or thing, it seems to be the only emotion that I cannot summon, even through physical aggression and mental aggression I was never able to feel hate.
  • Well, that is a difficult thing to answer.. Justified, yes, but harmful also. I have an ex son in law who abused my grandchild and my daughter. He broke 18 bones in a 3 weeks old baby... Abuse continued for 5 more years. Had he shown remorse and sorrow for what he had done then it would be up to me to forgive him. But this man preys on the innocent and it is always everyone else's fault. Do I feel justified in hating him? Yes. Is it the wrong thing to do? Yes However I do feel better now that we finally have him out of their lives...That is justice to me. Now I can let it go. Hate eats on a person and is a heavy load to bear. Solutions to the problems is the best route to go, and then let go of the hate. The hurt is always there but when justice is served it is easier to take.
  • I don't want to find out.
  • Hate is justified. Without it, there would be no such thing as forgiving ;D!
  • Hate is a very strong emotion that can do more damage then good. Sure we have problems with people who do bad things many of us use the word hate and many may very well hate a person for something they have done. We are often judged by our peers through our actions and people have no problem expressing themselves. Often times this emotion can consume a person to do something bad themselves. This is where the question comes into play. When we allow our emotions of hate to gain justice for the actions of another. If we follow through and do something bad to a person who did something bad we feel we have gained justice, but do we not become the very same thing that we hated? When we learn to hate we carry this emotion and if carried on long enough we feel the need to express it through our actions and gain justice. Placing ourselves in the position of the hated. Sadly yes in some people hate is justified. In others it never will be. We can not improve ourselves until we learn how to stop the cycle.
  • Hate is in some situations justified, though not conducive to a sound mental health or a successful life. It's a very destructive emotion and gives way to a whole lot of other emotions. I hated for years and after time the feeling faded and I was much happier for it. If someone has wronged you, don't continue to let them get at you by allowing their negative effect on you to continue.
  • Hate is just not part of my nature, Chief...and I am SO grateful for that. I see so much hate in places like here, in AB, but I really don't see it much in life, per se. So, I think it is kinda overdone all-in-all. What I'm trying to say is, when it comes to us regular human beings, it doesn't much exist. Let's you and I keep it marginalized, OK? We're small...but we're our own way. :-) +5, my Great AB Friend
  • God says that He hates sin. This is because of what sin does to us. So yes, hate can be just, as can many other things.
  • Hate is justified when is it directed at the proper source. I have been sitting here for a few minutes wondering if its ever justifiable to hate a person. I hate the things that people have done, but I also know that I hate some of the things I have done. I dont want anyone hating me for something stupid that I did, That I feel horrible I dont know that I could hate a person over their actions....
  • My original instinct was to answer "no," but then I looked up the word, just to be clear. One of the definitions caught my interest. - "Hate: the emotion of intense dislike; a feeling of dislike so strong that it demands action." - I was struck by the demanding action. In this context, I would say that hate COULD be beneficial. If you are unhappy in a particular situation (job, relationship, etc.) you might put up with it. However, if you dislike it enough, if you HATE it, action is neccesary. You will make a change.
  • Yes, I believe that hate is justified; I was brought up by parents who were a pretty dysfunctional pair - This in turn shaped me during my childhood & teen years. If I were honest, I would say that I am a pretty damaged individual, and this damage is genuinely un-repairable. To me, my hate is justified, and is something that has been with me for nearly 30 years..... It does manifest itself in some very dark thoughts. I do not see the world through the rose tinted spectacles of those who say "let go & forgive"..... Life is a very unforgiving experience, and based on that, I don't forgive. Forgiveness is not something I do. It is not within me. Yes, it is a very heavy weight to bear.....I feel it.....It makes me angry....I feel that too......But to try and see things from the perspective of someone who has had a stable life, support & love.....That's an alien concept that I can never relate to.
  • Of course it is. as with any other emotional response. Another question is does it really serve the hater.
  • Absolutely. Hatred of evil is always justified. But we must be careful not to hate those entranced by it. They are merely victims, no matter how evil they appear. It's the ACTION that should be abhorred.

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