• His dancing, his hit albums like 'Off the Wall', 'Thriller' and 'Bad'.
  • The moonwalk, turning from black to white, all his great songs. I didn't much like the way he acted but he was a great performer and im shocked to hear of his death. RIP!!!!
  • The surgery....
  • He was an amazing singer who crossed threshholds. Black, white.. people all over loved to listen to him. He was truly talented. I am sure the newer generations are like "huh? him?" because they are growing up with their own different tastes and preferences but in my very early youth he was one of the greatest performers ever. I hope he finds the comfort he so desperately sought. I do not envy those brought up in the spotlight under a microscope.
  • Thriller is the number one selling album of all times with 105 million copies sold. No one has ever come close to doing that since.
  • MJ liked his very expensive toys, That he used to lure all his teenage boys. He bleached himself a very pure White, To look at that face was a horrible sight. They say he had talent but I say it was not clear, He sang like a girl and danced like a queer. So MJ is gone and parents can sleep well, Knowing our molester is burning in hell.
  • He made great records. He was "The King of Pop", at least for his time. I think he would have preferred to be called "Michael", but Jordan was also on the scene during those days.
  • He's dead.
  • he broke allot of barriers, he was the first at alot of things, he gathered a huge fan base, people still remember him even though he is dead

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