• No but your a lovely daughter!
  • Aw, Nunya, I didn't know that was why you'd gone to Mom's. (((hugs))) to you and to her. I'm so glad she's safe. Mobile homes go up so quickly and produce so many dangerous fumes that she is lucky to be here. Did she lose everything? Do you still have your baby pictures?
  • No..sorry to hear that hope everyone is ok..that must be a big shock..
  • Never after a house fire,but after a flood,and Yes,it is dirty,they both are.Natural disaters(Unless the fire was Areson)can be that way,take everything from you you worked hard to build for any amount of years.Good luck with the clearing! *+++++*
  • I have helped those who have been through a house fire but always everything was lost in the fire. nothing salvageable. It does sound like a lot of work when you have to sort through things and find out what can be salvaged . Yes I agree messy as well.
  • I'm so sorry to hear that! Yes i did help a friend clean up after a home burnt down. The worst thing was loosing the precious items. It was hard throwing the burnt ones away! Good Luck to You and Your Mother!
  • Im glad that your mom is ok, and I have done a little post fire cleaning and it is very very messy, and dirty. Lots of lemons.
  • I have never had to clean up after a fire, thankfully. I just want to say how happy I am that your mother is ok. It is a lot of work, I am sure. However, you can replace a mobile home. You could not get your mom back. I thank the Lord that your mom is still with you. Did she have any pets? +5
  • So sorry to hear that news Nunya, I knew you were visiting your mum but had no idea about the fire. :( Thankfully she is not hurt and I wish her many happy years in her new home. Just read that 90% of stuff gone too!!! There was a mobile home fire a couple months ago near where I live. It was due to an electrical fault. Luckily owners away and the fire crew were there quickly but it too had to be replaced. Your poor mum has really been through the mill especially losing her dog too. Sorry to hear all of that bad news, but happy she has a daughter like you to lean on. Hugs to you all during this horrible time :):):) Thinking of you..
  • I can imagine it is! I am sorry your mother had to go through this. But she is alive. I never experienced this and I hope I never will....I wish you and your loved ones happiness to make new memories....
  • Yes it is a dirty job! And it seems so hard to get the smell out of things. Good luck, I know it isn't fun! Sometimes the easiest way to clean is to rent a steamer and steam down the walls. It is disgusting but works well.
  • OH I was wondering where you were. I missed seeing your questions. I hope your mom is OK. Come back to AB as soon as you can.
  • I haven't had such terrible experience. I would like to tell you that you are a wonderful daughter. +4
  • I've helped clean houses, but not a burnt one. lol

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