• Two reasons. For one, fish have a swim bladder which helps them maintain different depths. When the fish dies it no longer has control over the bladder and will float on the surface if sufficient air remains in the organ. Secondly, after death the body's tissues and immune defenses degrade. Bacteria living in the gut (and from the environment too) enter these tissues and take to feasting on everything in site. Most of these bacteria are *anaerobes* (can't live in the presence of O2). They release gases including CO2, H2, and methane, among others, as they digest fats, proteins, and carbohydrates from the fish. The entrapment of gas in dead tissues can also cause the fish to float upside down on the surface.
  • i miss my fish he died this is for you fishy i hope your in a better place now i love you and im sorry
  • They float cause dead something in them.
  • air in their guts make them float
  • Their gall bladder goes unstable and it fills up with air. That's why they flip over and float to the top.

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