• No, DO NOT remove the skin. If it is very uncomfortable (full of liquid) then you use a sterilized pin/needle to puncture it and drain the liquid. Then you place a bandaid on it to prevent the skin from splitting. If it has already split, then you need to knit it together with a butterfly bandage, add a layer of padding (gauze). While the loose skin may be dying, the raw sink underneath should be protected with that layer. If you remove the dying skin the are will be a burning painful raw spot. Take it easy, keep off the foot and when ever possible leave it open to the air to allow it to 'dry' somewhat. If it continues to leak, produce excessive ( a lot) of fluid (blood, pus, "water" for 24 hours seek medical attention to see if it needs something more than your average medicine cabinet will have. That means no shoe or sock.

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