• Not really.
  • Those attacks were rare in the first place, and they'll continue to be rare. The FBI knows what buying habits and other stuff to look into to find people here that mean the country harm, and they do a decent job finding most of them. Combine this with the fact that except for Mexico, which the Bush dynasty treated like a shitstain stuck to the ass of America, and Canada, which is like America Lite, we're geographically isolated. Besides, a coordinated attack on our forces abroad via a proxy military force would be much more effective.
  • I'm both surprised and thankful.
  • Nope. I'm also sadly unsurprised that so many people still expect it to happen regularly and to be personally damaged by it.
  • Honestly, yes. We get too involved with things we shouldn't
  • nah I figure with Bush out of office, the government might stop creating false attacks/reasons to go to war and maybe try to end some.
  • Hardly. How many 9/11-scale attacks have there been since the US civil war? Besides, if Al Qaeda want to kill Americans, why would they want to go to the US to do so, when the US has obligingly placed so many Americans within easy reach? More Americans have been killed in Iraq than were killed in 9/11.
  • i think about it everytime I hear of some country testing nukes or going to war with someone else or whatever... it surprises me very much that we have been mostly not bothered
  • Im thankful but yes suprised but give it time with a spineless weasle like obama in the white house it bound to happen even thou we all hope and wish it wont .
  • Not for lack of trying and lest not forget our enemies attack our interests abroad.
  • Yes I am surprised....but yesterday on tv...I heard that there are those people who believe that within the next 5 years...something drastic is going to happen. They are known as survivalist.....they are getting ready for it....they mentioned something like Katrina or 911.....they talked about how you can't depend on the govt. to take care of you.....really now...that is quite true. Look at all those poor people during Katrina and all they went thru.....
  • No, because of two big reasons. Maybe even three, depending on how you count them. The war on terrorism is keeping the battle in the middle east, leaving less crazies unchecked, not to mention the heightened homeland security. Robert Gates! Hoo Ha! Also, Obama caters to the Arabs like well, a secret muslim, though I know he is not one. I believe in the minds of Middle Eastern Arabs, especially the radicals, they believe they have beaten the Great Satan. And I say that because while we have troops fighting islamic extremism, and heaps of good is being gleaned from the Bush initiative, as I call it, it is distracting us from the fact that we have Obama doing to America what every other charismatic leader is doing to their countries. Amusing and appeasing the populace while they abuse their power, which is heading to one world government, with the uniform government being liberal equlilibrium. Everyone has the same rights, be you a natural born citizen, an illegal immigrant, or even a terrorist, and that goes for how we deal with overseas populaces too. Obama may have the answers the by large liberal masses of America want, but he does not have the answers the world wants. He, as well as everyone else, waits for another. Much more powerful, much more deceitful, much more charismatic than he ever dreamed of being. That man will usher in one world government with one world currency. Anti Christ.
  • Not surprised at all. It's not like we were having an attack per week and then they suddenly stopped. 9/11 was a once in a lifetime type event. Much easier to attack us over there anyway. The next major terrorist attack on US soil will likely be via an American just like most of the others in history were.
  • Yet. That's the key word.
  • There are an infinite number of ways for "attacking"; just none SO obvious. Besides, what country would want to be turned into the stone-age right now?
  • Nope, look how screwed up we are. Would you want to attack this country with the shape it is in? What would you gain if you could even make a dent in the USA?
  • Nope. What would be the point?
  • nope not even north korea

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