• Your dog shouldn't go into heat anymore. Though male dogs would be able to mate with her, they are typically drawn toward those actively in heat. If a male dog did mate with yours, she would not become pregnant. If she does, get your money back from the vet.
  • Mate, yes. Heat, no. My German shepherd is spayed. She still has males trying to mate with her. But the draw won't be NEARLY what it would have been.
  • She will no longer have a heat cycle, you've ended that for her. You have ALSO cut way, way back on the likelihood that she will ever get breast cancer, or cancer of the uterus!!!!!!! A MOST EXCELLENT AND LOVING GIFT YOU HAVE GIVEN YOUR BEAUTIFUL GIRL! Both Male and Female dogs will sometimes mount each other. This is mostly a sign of making a bid for DOMINANCE between the two animals. It also sometimes occurs in PLAY. (a bit of controversy on this as some behaviorists hold dear that it is always about dominance, but since I've seen them do it in what I can only describe as blatant sexual play..I have to go with what I've observed first hand as well as what is "popular" at this time.) Generally speaking, however, most Bitches are NOT receptive to being mounted, until they reach the RIGHT MOMENT in their heat cycle...before or after the "right moment" can earn a male a nice chomp or at least a very aggressive, GROWING, NO WAY BUSTER! For his efforts to woo!
  • No, she should not go into heat if she's been spayed.

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