• It's a sad state of affairs when it is assumed that a black eye means child abuse. It was just 11 years ago that I was 8 and I got black eyes from falling, playing, and fighting and nothing seriously bad ever came of it. I would suggest you call the teacher and express your concerns.
  • Probably, but if you're concerned about it, you can take him to see the doctor to let him examine him and when the doctor questions him, you can step out of the room so the doctor can hear the story from your son without feeling like your son is being influenced by you. When your son tells him what happened, you can then as the doctor to right a note so that the school can see that a doctor, who has to report abuse to the authorities, has examined your son and found no proof of abuse.
  • Send him with a note: The little brat just wouldn't keep quiet when the cops showed up so I did what any parent would do. Please excuse the black eye..Cops will be cops eh, teach? Seriously...nothing. The burden of proof is on them if they accuse you of anything. Unless they're prepared to haul an 8 yr old off to the slammer I wouldn't worry about it. If they do start a bunch of crap over it just think of the big bucks you'll win in the law suit. Stand your ground and be honest. People who cower to these finger pointers deserve what they get. Don't cower to the bastards. I had to bail my 8 yr old son (at the time) out of JH because a gang of kids were trying to rob him and entered our home by force so he slammed one on the arm with a ball bat (In OUR house) and the police arrested MY son..Then wanted ME to formally apologize to his parents. If they hadn't threatened to keep my son locked up for that BS I would have told them to kiss my ass, but he was 8. I apologized then took my son out for ice cream when we left....bastards..
  • anyone that points the finger at you just scream at them "do you want one too?!"
  • Really nothing you can do until the fingers have been pointed. You know what happened and your children know. As a child I got so many injuries that in todays world would have everyone and their brother wanting to know who was abusing me. I feel we have gone way too far at pointing fingers at one another that we fear the worst when our children are just being children. Best you can do is tell the truth if ever confronted and don't let those that are quick to point a finger get the satisfaction of seeing you worry.
  • Ah, you should have let him go, a black eye's a badge of honor & I'm sure he could have come up with a creative explanation for it.
  • just tell them the truth, that your 8 yr old did it
  • just tell them the truth, that your 8 yr old did it

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