• Try the Hodes of Sograt Desert [moc_fild18]. This is the best map because it has a cliff in the middle. You can stand on the cliff and rain death on the Hodes below you, and they would not be able to do anything to fight back ^_^ Be warned though, if the monster happened to drop a card or a rare item [such as Foolishness of the Blind] you might not be able to pick it up because you're far away! And as always, bring a lot of potions, or party with a good healer. Once you find the EXP gain there is slowing down, or if you're simply too impatient with the seemingly slow EXP rate no matter you go, you might want to try the notorious Glast Heim-- together with a good PRIEST [he/she can't be anything else-- you need someone to resurrect you -_-;;;] Strafe away at Whispers, Brilights, Hunter Flys, Zombies and Skeleton Prisoners. Silver Arrows will be your bestfriend, and maybe an Yggdarasil leaf or two, or fifteen ^_^
  • Leveling can take a long time if you snipe and heal slaves can charge an arm and a leg. My best advice is to get your hands on some crystal arrows and go 1 south of payon and then one west. Here you will find greatest generals and Elder willows. The crystal arrows will do 175% damage against both of these, and a lvl 31 (if you are careful, should be able to live here). What you need to do is attach your crystal arrows to a shortcut and attach regular arrows too. Since crystal arrows are rare (unless you have arrow craft, which is highly unlikely and even then you won't have much) switch to regular arrows to finish off Greatest generals. Only strife with the Crystals since that takes no arrows but the attribute will still count. If lvl 31 can't make it alone bring along another archer. The exp. from the GG is awesome! As always, buy many many pots and have those on a shortcut too. And if you don't have double strife on a shortcut already you are crazy!!!
  • You should try in the Morroc Ruins(Mummies) They give fair exp but bring you pots.^_^

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