• Take a heart shape cookie cutter and a wood malet aka meat tenderizer and hit the heart with it.
  • well you should have put that in your question also but there are many ways to cook a steak. if have a grill that will be the best. really basic take a 12 oz can of MGD( Miller Genuine Draft) and a 1 cup of italian dressing and mix together this will be your marinade for the steak to sit a few hours in and if you can over night. Get some montreal seasoning,Johnny Season salt,garlic powder. season on both side really well. take the steak or steak put them in a container with the marinade and let sit. when you get ready to grill it dont throw away the marinade. Use the marinade on the steaks everytime you flip them over.
  • Bake her a cupcake instead .. it worked for me ... I made chocolate mint cupcakes with pink frosting blue sprinkles and a big number one candle ... now she's my wife.
  • yea and you got it best wishes
  • wow that is a very good idea :] u should use a nice steak and get a cookie cutter or cut it with a cooking scissor.make the steak good though or ur ex-girlfriend will choke and die and then u posted this question for nothing :p hahahahahaah cough cough choke chkoe die ie

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