• 1. Puppy proof your house. Any thing you do not want chewed that you can pick up and remove to a safe space MOVE IT... 2. Invest in some baby gates (sometimes you can find them for free on Freecycle. Use them to gate the puppy into a PUPPY PROOF safe space in your home. 3. Invest in a crate. When you are gone from the house, use it to keep your puppy safe and your furnishings safe too! If you can't stand the thought of crating, consider getting an X-pen, which may cost more, but it has an open top, and YOU decide exactly how large you want to make it according to the number of panels you buy and hook together! 4. Buy a Nyla bone, Buy a Kong (or two). The Kong you can stuff with yummies, even non-fat cottage cheese or non-fat yogurt, bits of meat, a spoon full of plain peanut butter stirred into the yogurt or cottage cheese ...and then FREEZE IT (THIS is why you buy 2 of them, that way you always have a frozen one ready to go). The frozen Kong is especially good to use if you are in the process of Crate Training your puppy! It gives them a long lasting treat to work on in their crate! TRAIN the puppy! If the puppy attempts to turn your fingers, hands, feet into a chew toy, REPLACE YOUR BODY PARTS with one of the puppy's appropriate toys. If the puppy still insists on trying to chew on YOU...Give a high pitched yip AND IMMEDIATELY GET UP AND END THE GAME! Turn your back on them or walk away. Do not interact with the puppy for several minutes (like 3 to 5 minutes) Repeat as needed, this is what Mom Dog or the siblings would also do. The lesson they learn is YOU NIP (TOO HARD/AT ALL) AND THE GAME IS OVER! Always REPLACE what ever you do not want the dog to have with something the dog is ALLOWED TO HAVE. But, the biggest help is do not allow your puppy to be loose, unless you are able to watch it, and remove everything you can that you do not want the puppy to get at! The puppy has NO clue that it is doing something it should not do. Teething makes them want to chew on something a's uncomfortable, and so chewing provides some relief. Also, dogs typically chew as a means of SELF CALMING. Consider switching your puppy now, to a Species Appropriate diet which will provide them with correct and healthy chewing opportunities! If you want a copy of Potty 101, just shoot me an email with AB Potty 101 in the subject line and I'll send you a FREE copy (attachment) It is fun, simple and supports YOU in supporting your dog! Always set your dog up to do the right thing, and as a rule they will!
  • 6-28-2017 That's what puppies do. They can't cause much damage because they don't have any teeth.

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