• Food & Beer after you are done is nice.
  • A dinner gift card at a nice restaurant is a good idea. I got one for $75 to an expensive restaurant and took my wife. It was a nice dinner out and doesn't cost a lot for the service being provided.
  • Nothing is free in life. They must have something in mind. Ask them.
  • When I was in the Navy, it was a tradition to help out other guys in the division (to pre-empt any marines out there, no sex was involved). For instance when we moved, a bunch of the guys showed up, we piled the heavy stuff into a U-Haul and the rest went into everybody elses cars and trucks. We emptied the old house and furnished the new one in one trip. We provided lunch and drinks, beer after all the fragile stuff was in place. It was also an unspoken agreement that when one of the others needed a hand, we'd all show up to help. It was fun and there were a lot of guys and girls to help. We could move an entire house full of furniture with military precision (minus the beer) or build a garden in no time at all.
  • i helped a neighbor cut up fallen trees for free and he gave me a 12 pack of beer and that was cool
  • Make them coffees & lunch during the days they are working, maybe a dinner & bottle of something when finished, or is there something you have expertise in that you can use to repay their efforts?
  • It would help to know who they are and why they are making this generous gesture. You really haven't offered remotely enough information for us to make an intelligent suggestion.
  • I'd provide simple food and drink while they are working and a pizza party after. I crochet so I'd probably make them something.

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