• Like if a man was picking on a women (witch he shouldnt be doing) another man comes in and says "Hey punk leave her alone"POW!What i mean by POW! is the man that is defending you Hits the man that is picking on you.
  • If he were to sleep with her, then ask her family's permission to marry her. A woman who had sex out of wedlock was considered "dirty" back in the day. It was proper for the person who took her virginity to ask her hand in marriage so as to save her reputation.
  • When a man will defend a womans honor that to me means that he has some strong care for you in his heart and from that point on you should know that he is willing to pretty much defend any battle for you.
  • Are you American? I have never heard any of my friends, family, or any guy for that matter say "She is my wife, and I will defend her honor" unless they are from China or from the year 1400. However, I believe it means to protect her in every way possible and take care of her through everything and anything. I don't know.
  • It's a quaint old-fashioned tradition where a guy over-steps his boundaries to protect his woman because he perceives her as being unable to defend herself. Example is when someone (especially a man) says something against a woman and rather than the woman speaking up her partner challenges the guy.
  • it really means he would get beat up for her if she were being attacked in any way

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