• Nobody did a better job of destroying America's reputation abroad.
  • As far as coverups are concerned he's the Champion of the World. Actually he wasn't even that bright to claim that, his rich right-wing buddies and daddy did that for him. Let's just make him official Pawn of the Universe. No brain, no shame.
  • I am sure that being President he can claim anything he likes.
  • Yes - he was the best at following etiquette when meeting the Queen! (much better than Obama, anyway!)
  • He did more for Africa than any other President, but took zero credit for it. Barack would have made it widely known.
  • If so I`d like to know what!
  • Dodging shoes
  • W was the best at totally fucking up. He was also the best at creating an administration that was totally inept and incompetent, such as leaving a major American city to drown for three days without help. ('Heckuva job, Brownie!') Yeah, I'm STILL pissed off over Katrina.
  • Well, Dubya succesfully spent the U.S. surplus and bankrupted the Treasury.
  • Yes! He was a great fuckup. The records don't lie.
  • George Walker Bush is the first and only president in US history to have all 50 states of the Union simultaneously go bankrupt (it cannot be denied, nobody ever did a better job before)
  • Yes, he did. He was the worst mistake ever. He also was the perfect puppet president. He was also crowned president twice without ever winning an election. The man was actually the best at many things, not just the right things
  • Wow! Look at the negatives. C'mon folks, this was the Pres we'd all like to have a beer with. This was the guy you'd like to watch a baseball game with. He was your neighbor, the fellow you could borrow a hammer or shovel from. He didn't seem to take himself too seriously. I personally think he was an abysmal president but what the heck, isn't there anything somebody can say that's positive? (I'm having trouble).
  • t is our contention that George Bush is the most successful terrorist alive today, big time! The total number of deaths in the entire world caused by terrorists since George W. Bush declared a War on Terror, amounts to approximately 40,000. George W. Bush: In pursuit of his arrogant and PNAC-driven political and social objectives in Iraq, George W. Bush has the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians on his hands. To cover his guilt, early in the war, the US government ordered the Iraqi Ministry of Health to stop counting civilian deaths, and forbade them from releasing any totals previously gathered. The image of a surgical war, dominated by smart bombs and resulting in very few civilian casualties was televised to the American public throughout the hostilities. As a result, the number of civilian casualties in Iraq is probably vastly under-estimated. According to Human Rights Watch, many of the civilian deaths were the direct result of weapons that should never have been used in populated areas. Among these were nearly 2 million submunitions which fail to explode immediately and killed people long after the initial conflict had ended. In addition, the strategy of decapitation bombing killed many civilians while it failed to kill a single Iraqi military leader in 50 attempts.
  • Dodging Responsibility. And showing us how not to run a government.
  • Best idiot!

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