• I like them and prefer them, but I recommend you still include some sort of impact striking with your style's mix ...
    • Pei Chia-Li
      I prefer striking. I have never needed grappling.
  • I don't know, I really have my doubts about martial arts in general. Kids now-a-day use 9mm, 57mag, AK-47, etc. Martial arts don't fair too good against those things--you know what I mean?
    • Pei Chia-Li
      Once two gangsters drew pistols on me, and I beat them. What is a 57 mag? Do you mean .357 Magnum?
  • I much prefer striking styles to grappling styles. It is good to know some of both however.
    • Pei Chia-Li
      That is true for most people, but I have never needed grappling.
  • I found Judo to be very helpful, especially when I worked with troubled teens at a residential facility. Most potential altercations were met with a greater calm and confidence.
  • Okay for one-on-one. Not good for multiple attackers until you reach the skill level of Morihei Ueshiba.
  • the least close contact the better
  • I would rather not be in close contact with an attacker.
  • I don't like the close contact you need to grapple. Too dangerous in real life situations.
  • jujitsu Royce Gracie
  • I prefer no close contact with my opponents.
  • I think self defense is always a good idea, you never know what scenario an attack would take in real life.

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