• You can't, in a healthy way. Did you gain 15 pounds in 3 weeks? Then why do you have the unreasonable expectation to lose this amount? Speak with your doctor about a SENSIBLE weight-loss program. Doctors recommend losing at MOST 2-3 pounds per week. And don't skip meals, since that will work against you by slowing down your metabolism.
  • You can't lose the weight, but there is still a lot you can do. Do lots of work on your abdominal muscles so that those muscles are well toned. It makes you thinner. Build up your upper body muscles so that you have more definition and less fat to show. Building muscle btw, means that you're trading less weighty fat for denser muscle, so you won't actually lose weight, you might even gain it, but you'll be trading fat for muscle.
  • Talk to your doctor before trying any fast weight loss program. Depending on your health, you could cause permanent damage to your body. The biggest tip is to eat less and exercise more. Drink plenty of water. Stay healthy, eat properly, and the weight will go away and stay away, slowly, but surely. Try a fad, dangerous diet, and you could get sick, and the weight would come back anyway.
  • The most you can hope to lose is 2-3 pounds per week. So 9 pounds is the most you can shed that fast. It's better than nothing. It will take eating three tiny meals and doing a butt-load of daily all day exercise. (DO NOT try just eating nothing at all, your body will go into starvation mode and you wont lose weight! THREE SMALL MEALS. LOTS OF ALL DAY LONG EXERCISE. 9 POUNDS. That's what you CAN DO.

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