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  • regardless if they are ignorant to the fact that they potentially run that risk, people are going to do what they want anyways. Most people scramble and deal with the aftermath. Its a mistake and a life learning experience.
  • AGREE. Now, lets get real sex education (age appropriate) back in schools - it's only biology people.
  • agreed. But then they do it anyway and blaim others for their own mistake.
  • I whole-heartedly agree. It's too bad that abstinence-only programs perpetuate ignorance about sexual health.
  • Disagree, but only because of word choice. I would hope if they don't know about STDs or pregnancy they aren't having sex, but, I would not go so far as to say they should be abstinent. The difference being, to say should is a command, and kind of an implied social threat, which is what I want to avoid doing.
  • Agree, which is why abstinence-only education needs to be scrapped and universally replaced with medically and anatomically accurate sex education. People are going to have sex whether they are aware of the consequences or not. Only accurate education will allow them to do so safely and responsibly.
  • I agree in principal, but it's not going to stop them. Our best bet is to do everything we can to make sure people are aware of and understand the risks involved with sex.
  • most definitely agree.
  • Makes all the sense in the world to me.
  • Agree. You shouldn't drive unless you understand how to work a car. You shouldn't vote until you understand the electoral system and you shouldn't engage in sex (or any possibly life-altering behavior) until you understand the consequences. Still, there's a difference between shouldn't and can't.
  • I agree. Not sexually active as far as intercourse is concerned.
  • Absolutely 100% agree! But the fact is that kids dont care about understanding pregnancies and STD's before they are sexually active. I agree with others who have said bring back the age appropriate sex ed!
  • AGREED AGREED AGREED!!!!! and this is why sex ed should be REQUIRED in schools! all schools. and parents shouldnt have the say on whether they take it or not. they should have to no matter what. maybe it will scare teens into not having sex. i know it did me. we had it our senior year and we actually had guest speakers come up who had an std or were teenage mothers.
  • In principle this is true. But, we're talking physical, hormone driven, spur of the moment (in many cases) things that happen. We can't deny it. What should happen is for sex to be talked about openly from the time the child is very young. People should stop looking at it as a dirty naughty thing. This is also a pie in the sky dream.
  • Agree. Choosing to perform such behaviors should only be undertaken when one understands the risks and responsibilities involved.
  • I see eugenics searching for a crack here. Agree to: "that person would be best advised to not be sexually active." Disagree with: "that person should be prevented from being sexually active."
  • I'm convinced. Now try to explain that to the nitwit who "doesn't understand the possibilties of pregnancy or STDs".
  • Well. If that were so, then surely none of us would exist, now would we.
  • Would anyone argue this point?
  • Yeah, I think it seems fairly obvious that this SHOULD be the case :)
  • I agree. See my comments to the other answers.
  • I agree so much.
  • I totally agree, even though many of those ignorant people careless!
  • Agree!
  • I completely agree, I have an uncle that is dying of AIDS no matter how many coctails they give him the virus is taking over his body. It is such a slow painful thing to go through. I wish people could see how it impacts peoples lives that get it and the people that care for their family members that are dying. I have a sister that got pregnant at 14 or so, I don't talk to her so I can't be certain of her age but she is sleeping around already with all kinds of guys while she leaves her son with my mom to deal with she is not even 16 yet. She is definately not responsible enough to REALLY be having sex but she won't listen to anyone. I wouldn't even try to talk to her because my fist would do the talking for all that she has put my family through. The last guy that showed up was a gang member that put his hands on my monther while my stupid sister just watched as he hurt my mom. So many things follow a irrisponsible lifestyle and most of the time is it the lack of understanding that all actions have a consequence its up to you to make the right one...
  • Agree.responsility is number one when it comes to your health.So much FREE information out there,so ignorance is not an excuse,but mabe insanity is.*
  • Of course I agree. Just like I think that someone who doesn't know driving laws should drive a car. Before people put themselves into situations, they should try to understand the risks and measures to be taken to protect themselves.

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