• If you go to your fonts, choose wingdings / webdings then you'll find them
  • Only this one : )
    • Linda Joy
      What about this one ; )
  • Steps Find Alt code. Numeric Alt codes for symbols are listed in Alt codes list. ... Enable Num Lk . You may need to simultaneously press ["FN" and " Scr Lk "] keys. ... Hold down "Alt" key. Some laptops require you to hold both "Alt" and "FN" keys. Input Alt code of symbol on Keypad. ... Release all the keys.
  • I once made a list of all the Alt Codes that go with Times New Romans. Each font has it's own Alt Codes. Most cross over but some are very different. I used to end all my old AB posts with 3 cross' using that technique. Doesn't seem to work on this new AB.

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