• The thrill of competition. Also the ladies find them
  • I do not see myself as a point whore. I sometimes ask some questions or give some answers where I know that I shall probably make some easy points, but on the other side, I am also doing my best to give accurate answers and to ask some though provoking questions. And I also do some moderation to help keep Answerbag enjoyable. After I have reached the stage of maximum rating power, and spend weeks on each level, I don't have such a strong motivation to get points to let my account grow. I just appreciate points as feedback.
  • I use them for air fare with my Frequent flier miles.
  • I don't care about poinrs whatsoever, I think I've been a level 45 for about 5 weeks. I only come here for amusement when I am bored and I am more amused by speaking my mind without regard to the amount of points I will receive for an answer. It a twisted kind of way I sometimes like to tally up neative points to see if I broke any previous records for negatives in one day. I find that incrediby amusing for some reason.
  • Im saving up for the AB cruise, 100,000 points left to go, LOL
  • someday when theres no money left in the world we will trade ab points so keep saving
  • Whoa!!! We get points! Where?!?! I'd rather have nachos!
  • Gaining levels. Level 41 just feels better than 40.
  • (singing) Who ya talkin to (getting up all in yo face and nosy like) hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?
  • I take people more seriously that have a higher rank (due to points) than those who don't. (Usually) Chances are, Lvl 58 Beavis, or 46 Wookieblu have devoted more time to answerbag and therefore answer more intelligently/honestly than some random lvl 1 anonymous.
  • Well I am saving for my Trip to the moon it takes a lot of points and I deserve this trip I have not had a break since yesterday.
  • I am trying to get to Swami in 6 months for my 1 year anniversary. Then I am goint to take the points and go to Paris and never come back :)
  • Wait, you can buy stuff with your points?

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