• Personally I'd like to see him tried as an accessory to murder.
  • Ironically enough, most Nazis were against abortion. A significant portion.
  • The person or persons that killed Tiller would have done it with or without Mr. O'Reily's comments before the killing. People like the person or persons that did kill Tiller are easily swayed and prone to doing the deed for the attention they would receive. T.V. and other media sourses, not dismissing the station O'Reiley is broadcast on, are as much to blame as anyone because they sensationalize everything and someone with a personality problem picks up on that whereas most others do not. Others usually see it and either cringe at the site or it all or just dismiss it as just another death.
  • As much blame as I would get if an AB member killed Dr. Phil...oh shit...
  • I know some people from Kansas. They have talked to me about this doctor, for at least a year, and told me people around there constantly picket his business. The doctor had the worst reputation and yes, many anti-abortionists have wanted to take him out. The only question was when. I doubt that Bill O'Reily had much to do with that. To many people in Kanas, O'Reily's speaking out probably came too late. My question is "How many other doctors in the US are there like him"?
  • I hope someone decides to start murdering anti abortionists for the hell of it and use the excuse we're saving abortion doctors from murder. O'really is a sleeze scum piece of shit so sure.. shoot the bastard.
  • well he should be charged with " incitement ", funny thing is Anti abootionists are against killing ... very hypocritical don't you think
  • I'm sure Bill O'Reilly's mother (if she ain't dead from shame by now) is probably wishing that she had met Tiller the Killer when she was pregnant with her boy wonder...
  • O'Reilly should be indicted for incitement to murder. He and others screaming "murderers" and "baby killers" are just as bad as this Christian terrorist who shot Dr. Tiller.
  • If he had dark skin and black hair and had Middle-Eastern parents, he'd already be getting tortured to confess what other terrorists he knows.
  • O'Reilly also "Ambushed" Tiller before as well. I think O'Reilly does bear some responsibility for this. I don't think he should be arrested or put on trial, but I do think he should go on air and form some kind of an apology for his constant hate commentary. He need to acknowledge that his hateful commentary can influence a fellow hateful right winger to commit a vile crime; much the same as, a violent video game or movie can influence a child to commit a crime...
  • At the very least he should be taken off the air, I think the doctors family has a good case for a civil suit, O'Reily called him a murderer and baby killer, the doctor never killed anyone he was acting with-in the law.
  • Zero. Ever tell someone to ''drop dead?''. You want the credit when it finally happens yo?...
  • there are 3 of these in America.....Bill O'Reilly has never made it secret(as many others) his repugnance of Dr. George of the 3 LATE STAGE ABORTIONISTS....responsible for the murder of 60,000 would be Americans...he followed his court criminal charges ,which he was always cleared of , not because of innocence BUT because jurists not being able to decide..... not an ounce of blame.....and I would never apologize for standing for something i believe in AND for doing nothing but speaking is sad there are such zealots as Tillers murderer...but hey, the worlds full of them.. u do nothing but "give him someone to BLAME"....ENABLE the repulsive idiot to BLAME someone for his own actions..... o' Reilly has as much freedom of speech and expression as any one of u Lame BLAMERS & to HATE the acts this man did as much as all u people HATE people.he did not hate the man ,he hated his ACT.....have u people EVER heard "Thou shalt not "bear false witness" ....?tha
  • Blame? How about "credit"? (No, I don't advocate any form of vigilanteeism against Abortionists, let alone their murder. But there's absolutely no question that they deserve to die. It's just no private citizen's right to execute that judgment against them.)
  • Zero blame unless he met up with this guy and paid him to kill the good doctor...
  • People -- get a grip. How much?? NONE. If you assign any blame to O'Reilly, you'd let fat people sue NBC because they ran McDonalds commercials. At least the commercials ASKED people to eat there, O'Reilly never told anyone to kill Hiller. Hiller was WELL KNOWN amongst the crazy pro-lifers. O'Reilly didn't have to tell them anything about Hiller. Hiller went to court last year. It was public knowledge what he did. It's not like a regular suburban housewife watching Fox News grabbed a gun and shot the alleged baby-killer.

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