• im the type that gets sleepy..thats it.. i dont talk or wanna keep on partying, i just wanna get a bed and weird i know.
  • liquor makes me an ass hole.
  • It depends on who I am around. I find that it usually enhances my feelings. If I was just kindof annoyed before I started drinking, I will probably get angry before my night is over. If I am happy and plan to have a good time, I usually stay happy. Most of the time I'm a pretty happy drunk.
  • I've never really drank, but a shot of Nyquil can get me loopy, so I'd say I'm a pretty cheap drunk.
  • I'm the happiest drunk anyone knows. I dance, laugh, sing, take alot of pictures, give out random hugs and take out the time to assure everyone that "I LOVE you!" My weekends are the best :)
  • I'm a happy, reckless drunk. Once I get some liquor in me, I say whatever pops into my head, and follow every one of my stupid little ideas like "Hey, you know what would be fun? To climb up on the roof and jump of with a garbage bag to see if I'd float!". Except when I'm drunk on wine, then I just sort of mellow out and fall asleep.
  • Happy everything's funny.
  • from what I am told it makes me fun to be around and I guess hilarious. its a rare occasion. everyone laughs a lot and some refuse to party unless im going giving all alcohol has the same effect i can drink anything without worry.

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