• Yep i agree with the first answer, If you have a warranty i'd use it. If not I think you may be paying for the repair.
  • call sony on 1300 365 911 and they give you details so send it to them and they fix it. IT HAPPENED TO ME
  • ok the same thing happend to me but whats wrong with mine
  • It might be bricked can you hear it running or is it just turning on the light. My friends did the same thing. They call it a brick because it is useless but i think you can replace the motherboard and it would work again. Call Sony.
  • The only way to brick is if you turn your PSP off, remove memory card ETC. during an update or if you run something unofficial that has been written to remove system files or accesses the flash on your PSP. Unofficial apps however can not be run in PSP Versions above 1.50 and if someone finds out how to do so they patch it in an update. However reading your question I see that you only played 2 games and a demo, which would suggest that the PSP has a hardware failure so get Sony to replace it.
  • When you play a new game for the first time, the psp checks for the firmware version of your psp. If a newer version is available, the disc will require you to update your psp. If you do not update the game cannot be played. If you update, you MUST charge the battery 1st. Then, you must have the charge plugged in and allow the update to run uninterrupted. If you remove the game or unplug the charger during the update the bios chip will be ruined and you now have little more than a "brick".
  • it is bricked and i know how to fix it.
  • It is bricked, which is simply a term meaning your psp is not working, making it little more than a brick. If only the green light comes on, it means the system software is corrupt, or the PSP main board is screwed up. There is this device called Pandora's Battery, which is basically a set of batteries that you put in the PSP and it restores the system's OS. If it is under warranty, and you haven't done anything that would damage your PSP, call sony, and send it to them. If out of warranty, and you dont know how to fix it yourself, still call sony but expect to pay at least half the cost of a new one :( I have no Idea how the pandora battery trick works, though. Look on the internet.
  • err, how do you fix it?
  • I have a solution. Sony charged people like me 200 to 400 bucks for this item, and its a terrible product. Sounds to me like they will soon be "crapped". yes, that simply means that they will no longer get "crap" from me and the thousands of others they sold these "bricks" to. Get an X-BOX and blow off the bricks.

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