• I've stayed out of the argument going on 3 days now.Not worth it.Pre formed opinions have no plans of changing ever!*
  • I am. If I could mod you +1000 I'd do it.
  • Here ... here ... Let's just argue for the Christians, and have it done with!
  • If a person is so sure of their convictions (on either side), why argue about it in the first place? I consider myself a Christian...if you don't share my beliefs, that's fine with me. I have a couple of friends who are Atheist and we respect each others beliefs and opinions on the subject. No arguments and no attempts at "conversion" either way.
  • Im sick of them Im sick of the abortionists, the black vs White. Basically... Im sick to death of the kind of people that believe to such an extent that what THEY believe is right and everyone else is wrong beyond those simple basic human situations and examples of the things that are just morally correct and not up for debate. Seems that the people that get the basic simple things wrong... are the same ones that argue on gun control, abortion, religion and whatever else. Some people just like being at odds with everything considered basic common sense. It probably comes from inherited ignorance, generational bias and a sense of pride that can't be bent no matter who proves them wrong or for what reason. There are truth's and mistakes in the spectrum of any and all situations. Only an intelligent person realizes this.
  • Not me.

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