• Send em all to Antarctica with a parka and a loaf of bread and see who makes it back.
  • the Right Winged wacko's by a mile ... after all they hide behind fairy stories written by men and then have the hide to put them forward as facts
  • Left wing wackos actually have reasons for their statements, and can state them articulately. Right wing wackos just say "Uhh.. Mommy didn't mention that, so.. KILL HIM NOW!!"
    • Charin Cross
      thumbs down!
  • Right wing wackos by a long shot.
    • Charin Cross
      thumbs down!
  • wings are bad, mmm-kay.
  • Any form of extremism is bad, but I'd prefer extremism from the left. At least left wing extremists don't try to tell people what they can't do in the privacy of their own homes, and they don't try to breach the separation of church and state.
  • Does it matter? I mean, wackos are . . . wackos.
  • Left wing wackos have multiple single issues. IE peta activists. Right wing wackos are all the same single issue, a Hitler-esque following of their holy book. At least the left has a little variety.
  • They're equally dangerous. They should be free to express their wacko opinions but be charge of absolutely nothing.
  • Whichever side happens to be in power at the moment. Talk about arrogance you can cut with a knife!
  • I've resolved it doesn't matter WHAT side they're on. It just depends on the "person" themself!
  • The left wing has a strong utopian ideal and a totalitarian method. In other words, they want to make the world perfect, and are willing to force you to do more and more and more until it becomes so. And when i say "force" I mean with guns, dogs, chains, barbed wire and whips. I live in a formerly Communist country (Ukraine) where literally a third of the people were intentionally starved to death to force the other two thirds to accept totalitarianism, and after that horrible winter of 1932 the leftists still used concentration camps, secret police, torture cells, unemployment, public shaming, starvation and a lot of other things to maintain control. Then when it became apparent that they never would arrive at a perfect world, those in charge kept doing it so that the people on the bottom would produce luxuries for them. Left wing is definitely worse and has left 150 million corpses behind to prove it.
    • WHF, What's His Face
      For what you are saying, it sounds as if the left of the Ukraine is the right side extremists in the US.
  • Any 'extreme' can be a burdensome & aggravating situation. In the political world extremism does NOT happen by accident. Political extremism is a carefully thought out & well orchestrated process & highly managed to reach an intended target, goal or both. Extremism such as the politically driven religious right & Islamic Jihadists are designed to GET YOU ATTENTION & FINANCIAL/POLITICAL BACKING. There will always be GG's(Gully Gullible's)looking to follow a 'cause'. Lots of noise, balloons, fireworks & a pumped up emotionally(pathos) charged extremist agenda increases membership thus political power.
  • Depends -- what drives you more crazy? People who say wacko things that you have to spend time opposing despite the fact that what they're saying is complete BS? Or, people who say wacko things you don't agree with because what they're saying is complete BS -- but that other people hold you responsible for? Honestly, I'd suspect that the most annoying wackos are the ones who claim to be on your side, and I don't think it matters whether you're a liberal or a conservative. Because in addition to being wacko, they are actively trying to morph your agenda into theirs -- and sometimes you're required to be nice to them. And give them cookies. At least I don't have to break open a bag of Keebler's for wacko people on the other side. LOL.
  • The trick is not to take their argument too seriously. Let them rant. Left wing or right wing. It will be hard to supress a laugh.
  • I'd say equally bad, but with a slant towards the right wingers- for now. Because right wingers have had control, and proved themselves to be just as uncaring as the left wingers. But they try to use "god" as their justification.
  • both are bad
  • They are both wacked!!
  • Doesn't matter which wing. A Wack-o is a Wack-o.
  • Being too extreme one way or the other is wrong. The world is not black and white.
  • Bet you can't guess what I think....LOL
  • Left wing wackos are in general, worse than the average right wing wacko, in my opinion, not to mention that there are far more left wing nuts than right wing ones. Also, I believe that the general cynical view of right wingnuts reflects more on the poisoned perception of them by the Democratic masses, and less on their actual alleged radicalism. Left wingnuts, if I may, are sensitive and abrasive, whereas many GOP members are pegged as right wingnuts simply because they believe in the Bible, wholeheartedly, unreservedly. And while there are some right wingnuts that are as bad as the most hardcore of the left wingnuts, most of the GOP adhere to the Christian faith, not just the religion, or adhere to the Conservative mantra, or adhere to some other similar tradition(s).
  • i have to agree with Dmitri... i've been thinkin this way a long just always seems to be the line between the parties.....there seems to be a FAITH to the rightwing side and the left just seem to be such aggressive, dominate, me i had mentioned this a while back to my brother,did he kinda get that impression? he said yes, the left don't seem to be as "Godly " in their thoughts and actions....not virtuos., anything goes..but ..thatsJustme
  • They are all wack-jobs and should be duly ignored or laughed at, depends on the situation.
  • Extremists on both sides are a little whacky, but it seems to me that the right wing extremists are more violent. Tim McVeigh, the worthless POS who blew up the federal building in Oklahoma City, was very right wing. Some right wing talk show hosts, like Glenn Beck, seem to enjoy churning up their listeners' outrage against the government. Playing on fear, polarizing already like-minded people even further away from the center, can be a very dangerous thing.
  • extremism of any kind can be dangerous. i'm just glad the moderates are getting bigger.
  • The one who thinks the one on the opposite side of the fence is a wacko is the worst.
  • non-partisan wackos
  • I think all wakos are bad....No one should lean too far one way or the other in my opinion
  • a wacko is a wacko, left or right, they recite the same kind of bitter anger against the others. when a strong wacko group comes to power, e.g., german nazi's in 1933, then left wing wackos must rise to challenge them. so, wacko's on both sides can serve a useful purpose at times. the constitution says that congress won't make laws impinging upon free speech. no where does the constitution say that wackos who advocate violence mustn't be corrected. the radical right attempted this in the 1950s with the mccarthy witch trials. now, folks like glenn beck are strongly emotional, unstable, and ought to be put in a psychiatric hospital.
  • By reading most of these answers the question should be rewritten in 2 ways, Who's worse: People who believe in God or people who don't? or Who's worse: People who believe like me or those other people? My answer however would be left wing wackos, because we have 3 of them running our government right now who want to completely change our way of life to fit into their left wing ideologies despite the will of the people.
  • To be honest with you they are both about the same, its just that you have seen a whole lot of the right wing wackos lately.
  • Anything with the word "wing" in it should raise insane alarms. However, given the choice, give me left wing.
  • both are pathetic, I always go against the majority party; I dont like it when they start getting cocky with there political BS, but currently whats worse than that is these Obama messiah wackos, those people are freaky!
  • I find them equally bad and obnoxious. +2
  • I can never get it straight..left or right of what...and what is the meaning of left wing/right wing? Would the people who wrote the declaration of independence have been considered left or right wing wackos by British patriots?
  • In my opinion, right wing wackos are somewhat worse, but not be far.
  • Centre forward wackos.
  • As I've stated on another thread, on the far right you have the anarchists (no government) and on the far left you have the socialists/fascists/communists (total government). Both are wrong.
  • left wing. just look around politically. it's a cluster****!!
  • Whichever one thinks they are more powerful at the time. As much as I didn't care for Trump's rhetoric, Trump himself was not a right-wing extremist by any stretch, but the right-wing extremists sure seemed to think he was on their side, so they went wild. Now that Biden's in the White House, those people have mellowed out just a little bit, but the left wing extremists feel emboldened.
  • Lets do the world a favor and get rid of both of them, both sides of the extreme.
    • WHF, What's His Face
      I just got off the phone with a REALLY extreme right wing idiot that was all BLM and those groups are terrorists and he even used Antifa groups as all white and all his people. He wants me to write a movie of how Democrats in the future will be a terrorist organization. I've a couple of ideas about it, but I'm not going to do it as the Republicans are in the exact same boat.
  • Near as I can tell, the right wing wackos aren't rioting in the streets over dead criminals.
  • there are only left wing wackos. all you have to do is see what Biden is doing to this country.
  • They're both bad. Several years ago I would have said that the left-wing wackos were worse. But it's early 2021 right now and the right-wing wackos have definitely taken the cake over the last year or so with things like Qanon conspiracies.
  • They're both equally crap. Both want to control you and take your money.
  • Right wing wackos are more dangerous. Left wingers are always stoned.

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