• It all depends on the argument i guess. Don't go off your head and shout back, cause as we all ken parents have the upper hand, but just try to reason with them or put your point across in a calm but witty and intelligant way, if you put up a good debate they'll not be able to shout so much because it'll make them look like the bairn rather than the parent. Hope that helped a bit at least hen, good luck :)
  • Well that would depend on what they are 'fussing' about. If it is things like cleaning your room, doing your homework, to stop them, just do those things before they have to fuss over them. If it is about boys then listen to them and if you think you have a case then put it to them in a non emotional way without yelling and maybe try a compromise. If you want your parents to start treating you in a more adult manner then you have to act that way. In the end remember, most parents fuss because they care about you.
  • Your name suggests you might be 23. If that is so, move out. It's time. The frustration you feel is because one needs to call their own shots and have freedom to establish their own game and rules, by that age. And if money is a problem, seek roommates. People in their early 20's do. Just make sure to be ever-pursuing bettering yourself with career and finances. Don't get deflected or distracted with parting and boys and such. You'd only end up trapped in poverty and an unfinished life stage. SO work hard! (Is this what theyre telling you?) . ...But if you are still a teen, well, that I don't know about. Maybe college will provide a place to live while there? ..It's not all funa nd games though. It's hard work studying all the time. But it's a step toward independence and a fulfilling self-powered life (well, you'll get a job that will pay well, for having gotten a degree.) ....So if nothing else, start concentrating on planning and preparing for that now. It will give you a feeling of being in control of your destiny to hang onto and work at and grow. (People's criticism hurts a lot less, when theyrte wrong) So it might even shut M&P up a bit, because your attitude will please them. ..These are all guesses. Dont really know your situation. But good luck, work hard, enjoy the trip. it's all good.
  • If you still live with your parents, do as they say. I had to when I was a teenager.
  • This may be asking a lot but imagine you are looking through their eyes and your son is you. Try to feel what it might be like to be a parent with all the responsibility and do something you would not normally do that may please them. If at any time you are overwhelmed by the yelling or criticism let them know that you are having difficulty hearing them. If you know in your heart you are right about something, what would it hurt to agree with your parents and continue to listen to try to understand where they are coming from. Know that they love you and care a lot. even though It may not seem that way .

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