• No but I can tell you the disadvantages of Not! LOL
  • The advantages are too numerous to mention. I asked a question about bad actors and someone mention Ashton Cutcher. The women all agreed. There must have been more than a dozen of them to comment. Oh, he's bad, all right. And the women still go crazy. It's like being rich. I'd LOVE to have all the problems of being good looking. You should try ugly. Then you'd see.
  • Carpel tunnel in my wrist from beating all these women off with a stick.
  • Ppl compliment u,u feel good thats the only advantage. i hav disadvantages list.
  • You like to see urself nude in mirror for most..lolzz
  • You can get away with anything, short of stealing cash, in the workplace.
  • I can't name all of them, there is too many. But some are favoritism in the workplace, extra attention from women (and men), possibly jealousy from friends, and favoritism within the family.
  • I can't think of any, being average looking is in many ways more beneficial.
  • Because we are sculptered differently to others, should give us no reason to find advantage from believeing we look better than others or by placing one's self above others by same reason ... The greatest advantage anyone can have ... Is to cast themselves as equal to those from a different mould and achieve the advantage of knowledge to help others succeed. No offense.
  • being accepted by society, easier to get hired for a job, easier it find a boy/girl friend, everyone wants to be your friend there are disadvantages but the advantages far outweigh them
  • You know, maybe there is more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking.

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