• Watching tv or playing football.
  • I suppose I'd have to get cable or start reading more. As is, I only spend down time online. If I have something else to do I do it instead.
  • i would sit in a corner hitting my head on the wall from being so board
  • I would spend it inventing some way of comunicating via a computer - and I might call it something the ..Internet
  • I would first buy a lather drawstring bag, use some fabric crayons to draw a big question mark, iron it on, givev it a name; probably 'answerbag' then let the public drop in some questions on slips of paper, and in another room, people would answr those questions by writing on the back and sending it back to the asker. other than that, I would just think it would be so great if someone had invented a system called the internet...
  • I like to think I'd embark on a campaign of intellectual expansionism, but I'd probably just watch tv.
  • Good question!! :-) I'd most likely be tearing my house to bits & re-fitting it spending too much money in the process!! Lol...... Yeah! for the internet!! :-)

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