• I suppose for the same reason as some people are able to go through life in a regular routine and be content with who they are and what they are doing, while others question themselves and doubt themselves all the time.
  • I have had many offers to show my art work in galleries and get many compliments, but I don't do it. I am not sure even though I have won awards for my stuff that it is any good. I just like to create to please my self. It brings me joy to paint, sculpt, make costumes,etc. That is what matters most.
  • I think I can do whatever I want...only cuz I have the....motivation, and empowerment of myself...and faith I can do it...the only thing is, I would rather not do many things...only small things. Its all about how you think about yourself. if you think you cant do anythng, or its not good never will. Then theres people who look at the world, scope it over...find a goal, achieve it...and know nothing in the world can stop them. Just depends on how you feel about yourself. Everyone is pretty much designed the same 2 legs, 2 arms, 2 eyes, 2 hands...we can achieve anything...if we want to...if we cant...we can always at least do OUR BEST not saying it is THE best, but WE SHOULDNT hold OURSELVES back...ever. Thats our biggest downfall, ourselves.

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