• with the revelations coming from ancient middle east texts (the first cook books) Arabs called it "itriyah" it is a toss up between middle east and far east, china texts claim to be making noodle like stuff 3000 b.c. It is certain that the Chinese perfected the art of pasta making. But it should be known that the Italians and Greeks had a primitive form of pasta (lagana) before the Chinese version was introduced and adopted by Europeans
  • Switzerland- the spaghetti tree!!!
  • There is no one country that pasta comes from . Many ancient people's ate some kind of dough that was boiled. The Chinese made noodles over 4,000 yeas ago. The early Jews and Arab tribes made dough they boiled over 2,000 years ago. And it may have been the Arabs that introduced pasta to Italy before Marco Polo as they are the ones who brought durum wheat to that area.

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