• lol.. no.. I don't throw thing's ☺
  • No..I'm not physical when I'm angry..well not
  • No; I've never thrown a television .... However; one time I did get very Po'd and threw a computer across the room ....
  • I don't think i have ever got that angry? mind you even if i did i wouldn't be able to lift the silly thing ha! +
  • No, I've broken things when angry but not a TV.
  • No...I broke my Lladro!
  • Never the tv it's my favorite home entertainment.
  • No, TV is too expensive. Anyway, I never get so angry that I have to throw things out of the window. +3
  • i thew the xbox controller at the wall once.ther is a perfect hole in the drywall of controller.
  • I don't throw breakables, only paper wads if anything, when I get mad! However, my husband has broken a couple of things when he got mad, which he later regretted - a nice alarm clock that was his (as opposed to mine, luckily!), and more recently, a magnifying glass. Although the plastic magnifier part itself was still intact, the black plastic outer area (that surrounded it) was broken into a number of pieces, and the four AA batteries (for the light for it) were also scattered around. Both plastic pieces and batteries managed to show up in both the living room and the kitchen! He has a lot of power when he gets mad - he claims he throws things, though, so he doesn't wind up hitting me instead. He's a good guy overall!...It's also because he often tries again to quit smoking, and he has a major addiction (40 years of smoking to date) so he gets the same way whenever he tries to quit (extremely irritable - all but impossible at those times - and still hasn't even come close to quitting although he does smoke less!). I have to be tolerant because we're very close overall and he is always there for me (of course - he sure won't be, once the effects of smoking finally catch up with him, and that's an ongoing fear). Anyway - enough on that. Bottom line, be careful of throwing breakables as they can be expensive to replace! Luckily, the things I described above weren't/aren't. But many things can be, of course!! Did you see the movie "Anger Management" with Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson?...I found that movie pretty hilarious!
  • No, but it sounds like fun
  • No, but I have thrown many things around, broken things and even hurt others. I have anger problems and bad things can happen, however I'm glad I've been able to keep it under somewhat control.
  • I used to throw things and hurt people....But now I seldom get angry and if I do I just cry it out in privacy.
  • nope. i just told the guy ((my bro)) that if he didnt leave me alone, id beat the crap outta him!!! of course, my mother was in the room, and she yelled at me and made me apologize. this is what i sed: yo. ma'z makin me say sorry. but im not. sorry. then i walked away. then, of course, i got yelled at AGAIN, but... whatever. its nice to be able to have reasons to be angry. :P:P:P
  • i have in the past a few times, it works cause after i gigled

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