• It's a free country. In the future use an eraser that allows you to 'overwrite' deleted data. Here's on that's free yo... Set up- Click the ''Windows'' tab and select all. Click the ''Browsers'' tab and select all. Click the ''Advanced'' tab and select all in the ''Security Options'' area. Also set the ''Overwrite times'' to 7 or better. (The Federal Government uses 7 times.)
  • Ahh something tells me this woman knows her way around a computer. Here are a few simple ways: Get a security system that deletes online data cache and cookies. Backup your computer to a time when you had less porn on your system. Look for Downloads, Cookies or Temporary Internet Files. Anything that would hint towards porn, delete it! Find a disk cleaning security app to remove files. (last time i did a disk clean i hadnt done it for maybe 6 months, i had 27,000 random files and data I accidentally acquired through internet use and downloads, no none were porn but you should understand there is more than what you want to download downloading onto your computer.) Other than that im not sure, for me that usually does the trick when im cleaning my computer and want increased speed and storage.

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