• Songs... approximately 250, at 4MB each song.
  • The average movie is around 700mb so only one.
  • 1 x 1 GB film or 2 x 512 MB films or 1 x 512 MB film and 75 x 6.5 MB songs or... (etc) It all depends on how big the songs and films are!
  • Thousands of ultra poor quality 1 second movies or songs can be stored using 1 GB of space.
  • Too many unknowns. At 160kbps (VBR) I can cram a CD into 50-60MB. How many songs that is depends on the song length. On the other hand, I have a 320kbps song that runs 26:35 yet takes up 66MB all by itself; more than a CD with 15-20 songs. If you'll notice, when a player claims how many songs it can hold, there is an asterisk denoting song-length, bitrate, and codec; usually a 3-minute, 128kbps (iffy quality) WMA file. When it gets to video, then we have to add in resolution and color-depth (bits per pixel). Give me a bit-rate and (for video files) a resolution and color-depth, and I can give you an idea of the length of time. But even then, you will need to clarify the mix as videos take up more room than songs. Don't forget codecs; some are more efficient than others. To put it in more visual terms, you are asking how many balls it takes to fill a box without specifying if we are talking golf balls, baseballs, or soccer balls.
  • 1 film and 250 songs..

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