• I would have to say that he just was a misguided zealot who thought that he had the perfect solution and was the perfect example. Typical abuse of power by an ego-maniac.
  • Hell yes, he intentionally sought to order to feed his misguided view of perfection. I'm sure he would have felt differently if he had been someone else's view of imperfection and was facing erradication.
  • He was definately misguided...
  • He also had high levels of insanity, and was mentally unstable. That caused him to be paranoid, and belief that everyone was going against him. So no, he did not deliberately kill due to the fact that he just wanted to harm others, but rather protect himself because of his own misguided mental capacity.
  • He deliberately sought to harm 20 million people; he killed them. His vision of perfection was a severe mental disorder. It was completely unrealistic and destructive. No pardon from me. I think he was misguided and mentally disturbed and Yes he deliberately sought to kill those people as mongrels/unworthys.
  • He was mean, short and sweet. And meanies seek to do harm to satisfy their egos and keep themselves in power by crushing opposition. A misguided vision of perfection, I think, could be applied to Hitler's vision of an Arian state. I always thought Stalins's vision was somewhat different but then again, I don't know sufficient about him to comment further!:)
  • All authoritarian leaders are the next potential Hitler or Stalin. ALl they need is the opportunity, and they will always go there.
  • It's more than misguided. Teens that steal are misguided, world leaders that kill 20 million of their own people are sociopathic murderers. He wasn't trying to create a perfect state. Read up on him. He was trying to control a population of people and the only way to do it was to kill his adversaries.
  • I think he was a violent sociopath with a raging ego. He was empty inside and sought to fill his emptiness with power and fear. He left no room for anything in his mind except what he wanted which was to be worshipped as a god. He deliberately sought harm. I'm sure he will be reincarnated as something worse until we deal with him as a world society. This keeps happening because we as a race of mankind turn a deaf ear and eye.
  • He was once asked by an impertinent youth: "When will you stop killing the people?" His reply: "When it is no longer necessary." He really thought that he was doing right. Just like every other despot.
  • He was born bad, cruel and was a beast.He was a street gang killer and a thief before age 11, then he became a Bolshevik and a member of the NKVD. His aim was ethnic cleansing and did so with Ukrainians, Poles, Koreans, Volga Germans, Crimean Tatars, Kalmyks, Chechens, Ingush, Balkars, Karachays, Meskhetian Turks, Finns, Bulgarians, Greeks, Latvians, Lithuanians, Estonians, and Jews. . Famine affected other parts of the USSR. The death toll from famine in the Soviet Union at this time is estimated at ten million people. The worst crop failure of late tsarist Russia, in 1892, had caused 375,000 to 400,000 deaths. Most modern scholars agree that the famine was caused by the policies of the government of the Soviet Union under Stalin, rather than by natural reasons. . He did not have any vision of perfection, he was an animal he even killed his friends and can only be compared with Pol Pot.
  • My suspicion is that, while he may have started out with the ideological goal of creating the perfect state, at some point he decided that his continuance in a position of political authority was a necessary condition of creating the perfect state. Given the fact that the kind of state he was supposedly trying to create flies in the face of human nature, and that I suspect he knew that full well, the guy's right up there with Hitler and Pol Pot and Mao on the evil scale.
  • this had nothing to do at all with creating a perfect state! had to do with being power crazy and his desire to be totally unchallenged at the top of the leadership
  • power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely
  • Both, probably.
  • He had a misguided vision of how to achieve perfection Most strong arm tactics are motivated by intentions to do what is "best" for the country but also for maintaining the power and authority of the person who is implementing the agenda. This is seen as best for the country, otherwise the agenda for so-called "good" (perfection) could not be carried out. The brutal tactics are thus rationalized as what is necessary for the "good" of the people/state, regardless of what they are. Witness Cheney's rationalization for using torture of Iraqi prisoners to keep America "safe"...
  • The dude was an egomaniacal psychopath.
  • just as mean,cruel , and evil as Hitler was...or any person or sect that think they are the "perfect" one/ones....:)
  • Do you think it matters to any one of those 20 million people that he murdered?

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