• Have Peter Pan in your party and talk to Tinkerbell, she'll say she wants to go to the clock tower. To get out of Neverland, talk to Wendy who will tell you one of the clocks is off. Find the one that is 11:45 and whack the arm until it reaches 12:00, the keywhole will then appear. If you've already completed Neverland but have returned and are stuck on Hook's ship, just use a savepoint to return to your gummi ship. If it's post-hollow bastion, talking to Tinkerbell in the cabin will get you into a battle with the Phantom.
  • Well what are you doing there in the first place? It's very dangerous. But that crocodile loves Hook so I'd get it to come near the ship so it focuses on Hook and then jump overboard and get the hell out of there!
  • Walk the plank... then... backstroke!

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