• Alien's what? What thing belonging to an alien or aliens?
  • Yes, I do... for too many credible people have witnessed them. Large masses of people have seen them then it gets called massed hysteria. But I respect it being kept secrets for matters of national security.
  • I don't know if aliens exist or not, but when I consider that of all the trillions and trillions of stars with trillions and trillions of planets and trillions of galaxies..statistically, I'd be a fool not to think there was something elese alive out there...are they visiting earth? I dunno..maybe.. But flying ships/UFO's could be alien ships,,they could be human ships made by our own tech, they could be our own ships made through alien tech, they could be time machines, used by humans from the distant future..who knows..I could speculate all day, but with no personal experience or proof, that's all I can do is specualate.
  • I dont belive in aliens, but i dont understand why god would only make one planet of life!
  • Bush had to get here somehow
  • i have no idea, ive never seen one
  • i think so

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