• Probably the private areas for both sexes.
  • my nose. i got hit in the nose with a baseball and it hurt.
  • The heart- emotionally speaking.
  • Dental Pain hands down.
  • It is what I call "BRAIN PAIN"!!! I get severe migraines and that is the worst pain I have ever experienced. +5
  • I dont handle pain very well. Mouth invasion is the worst. Give me the pill the next time. Zone me out, keep me happy. The anus is said to be a bad spot. I havent had that experience yet. knock on wood.
  • Toothaches win hands down then headaches.. anywhere in the head is typically the worse. Another HORRID pain you probably don't want to try out is pancreas pain. I had pancreatitis years back and it lead me to attempt suicide because the hospital refused to treat wasn't till I went to the hospital after injecting insecticide attempting to stop the pain (death) It lead me to a long term addiction to heroin and other pain medications.
  • Headaches! I hate them so much! With migraines, I just can't concentrate on anything else!! :(
  • The closer it gets to my head, the harder it is to block. Over the years I've learned to block pain fairly well, lower my heart rate, even stop hiccups at will, but I still have a lot of difficulty controlling something like toothache pain. I suppose I should stop pulling that little heart rate stunt at the Dr's., so he can make a more accurate assessment of my general health. =0]
  • My balls but I'm still glad I've got some :)
  • given birth was the worst I have every been in.. they say your feet are the worst pain due to more nerves in the feet.
  • Migraines for sure. Basically it feels like your brain is hurting
  • Private areas. I wouldnt say the head, because Ive never had a headache and I dont know how it feels.

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