• Religions often institutionalize the attitudes of the culture in which they arose. This is part of how they become popular... when God says "you're doing things the right way" in your Big Book, people like that. It makes them feel special and justified. So way back when, Mohammed told people that the way they treated women was ordained by God. The men (who were in charge) agreed, and shared his book with others, thus reinforcing a cultural bias by putting God's stamp of approval on it. The Bible contains similar things, of course -- the modern superstition and prejudice against gays, for example, can be traced back to cultural biases at the time the Old Testament was written. This is one of the big problems with "old time religion" -- morality gets very confused when right and wrong are mixed up with cultural bias so that everything gets spray-painted the same color.
  • islam, like most religions , tends to absorb the culture it is embedded in. At it's best, it praises women and at it's worse it craps on them. Over the long term, Christianity gives Islam a run for the money in the sexism department. There are Islamic countries who have had female heads of state and it is just the past year that the US had it's first legit woman candidate for president.
  • Is it? Or is it just looking out for their best interests by protecting them from forces anxious to undermine standards proven to preserve modesty for millenia? While a woman in a bikini or a glamour shot is indeed beautiful, such beauty cannot be enjoyed outside of marriage without the risk of falling into the sin of Lust.
  • This is off topic, but the bible says you can sell your daughter into slavery and that we should stone adulterous women to death. Gotta love that religion.
  • In the humble opinion of this western woman, it's a direct reflection of mans inability to restrain his lust. What better way for weak men to prove their superiority than to subjugate all women under black sacks. It shows a society of weak men who are fearful of truely free women. It's only men with no control who came up with the concept of shrouding women for their own good. And by the way, keep them ignorant, or they might learn what pittiful creatures these men really are.
  • A comment can not be posted to weareallhypocrites so I'm posting it as an answer. I understand your argument but with all due respect, Muslim men can still rape and even kill their wives for the absurd notion of honor. Muslim men are allowed to have more than one wife (now that's a concept straight out of a man's sense of respect for women). They are allowed to butcher the private parts of girls with no fear of punishment. Women are jailed if raped (now there is another great civilized practice). By the way - how do you feel about marrying 9 year old children? And you present an argument that this country is backward because we don't have a women head of state. Yes women did win the right to vote. Have Muslim women? Could they even drive to the polls if the had the right to vote. And you are right, the Bible has not changed. So, when was the last time the Koran was revised? Muslims live in the year 1430 and would like the rest of the world to follow suit. Guess I'm just one of those wild western women who could never be 'tamed' and would balk at wearing a sack with a window. I also don't think I'd like it very much if: My husband married 3 more wives, He gave away my 9 year old daughter in marriage to a 60 year old pervert, He forbid me the right to speak, I was forbidden to dress as I wanted, I was denied the oppertunity to attend a decent co-ed school, I was forbidden to speak with another male, I could do nothing without a chaperone or a minder, I was forbidden to come and go from my home as I pleased, I didn't have my own money, I was forbidden to use my life in a productive way (not just for producing your children), I couldn't have an enlightening comversation with my own husband, I couldn't vote to change these barbaric and asinine rules, etc., etc. No I wouldn't like it very much at all and neither would you or your wife. But that's only a guess. I'd never presume to speak for her or you. I would suggest that if you really believe women are equal and respected ~ please be my guest at donning a burka for just a couple of hours, say around the end of July when it's a nice balmy 75 or 80 degrees, not the 120 of Saudi Arabia (even I would never ask that much of you). Spend those hours outside, lets say, doing a little laundry or gardening and don't forget to make lunch and start a nice 3 course meal for the evening. After that, we'll talk about equality of women in Muslim countries and how un-civilized the U.S. is because we haven't had a women president yet. I'm really not this militant but you, sir have ruffled the lace that I chose to wear by inplying that Muslim women are equal or better off than us misguided western women. Having been married for so long, I would have thought you would have learned rather early on that, you are not a woman and should never presume to think, speak or behave as if you know how we think, speak and behave. Oh, and you can get back to me around the first of August to explain how equal and respected you felt in that black thing with the window.
  • Because Muhammad said Gabriel said Allah said so. . That's their story and they're sticking to it. .
  • Actually at the time of its origin it was very progessive for women at time. Unfortunately, trying to use the religions from back then in today's society is like trying to run Windows on an acabus. Things have changed but fundamentalists try to keep things they way they were.
  • Don't you mean why is society sex obsessed about women?

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